"4 NOVICE'S ONLY" - Posted by Burrell(NOVICE)

Posted by Lihah P. on July 09, 2003 at 10:00:28:

Thanks for the motivation. You have overcome many obstacles
Have you completed any REI deals yet, or are you just in the beginning stages of developing your company?

“4 NOVICE’S ONLY” - Posted by Burrell(NOVICE)

Posted by Burrell(NOVICE) on July 09, 2003 at 02:08:18:

I post this message to all NOVICE investor’s like myself. I have found myself bitten with the rei bug. Bought CS course back in May and have gotten through the first manual and first three audio tapes, starting into second manual as I write this. The point of this posting is to create for myself and other NOVICE investor’s, confidence, determination, and motivation. I am 27yrs. old returning back to college in this upcoming semester to finish my degree in Construction Management and minor in ROTC(reservist in TN National Guard). Being away from home since I was 18 has allowed me to EXPERIENCE lifes “UPS” and “DOWNS”. I have been placed on suspension in my first go at college, only to downsize and attend a two-year technical school and receive an A. A. S. degree in Civil Engineering. Still not satisfied with how things were going in my young life, I decided to join the ARMY, to acquire leadership and build CONFIDENCE in myself. I was 24 when I filed for BANKRUPTCRY. Twenty-four(24), due to my father’s business failed in which I had co-signed for him on some things and his success in the Trucking Industry paid my rent and truck note all at the same time($1100/mo), not to mention spending money for miscellaneous expenses.

When all that happened, I did not know what to do. I was living on my own in Nashville, TN, trying to finish my degree and work jobs to keep me afloat. Got to the point where I was working so much, my family back in Memphis did not hear from me for weeks on end. They paid me a surprise visit to see if I was alive. I tried E-commerce(MLM), Don Lapree’s get rich by posting ads in the paper(what) and probably something else, I just can’t remember.

My point is this(get to the point Burrell), for those of us(NOVICE’S)who are curious and want financial independence for ourselves and our families, we are going to have to understand that “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY”. It is going to take EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE, USE OF KNOWLEDGE, PERSERVERANCE, AND PERSISTENCE to get where we want to be in LIFE and REI. If this soldier can overcome bankruptcy, graduate 19D(Cavalry Scout Recon)from Ft. Knox, Ky, in dead winter, be so motivated to start my own rei company(Burrell Developmental Properties, Inc.)not having an ounce rei experience but, motivated enough to learn it, I believe in my heart that anybody can do it with true faith and believing in onesself.

P.S. I had to write this to motivate someone.