A belated but sincere thanks to Karp! - Posted by SCook85

Posted by SCook85 on January 12, 1999 at 24:35:50:

During the holiday season Karp was playing in my stomping grounds. We attempted to find time to get together to discuss real estate but resorted to discussing it over the telephone.

During our conversation I explained to Karp what I was doing, how I was doing it and the resources that I had available. Within minutes Karp had all kinds of suggestions on how to improve my business. Although I have not actually utilized any particular piece of advice that he gave me, nor have I reaped the financial rewards yet, he did make me realize how little I was using the resources available to me.

I worked with a one track mind for quite sometime. Especially on the selling end. I wanted a particular type of buyer and nothing else. Karp told me a couple of ways to get many people financed. I now take the time to talk to every single prospect that I have. I ask many questions, I gather the information then take hours if necessary to creatively find a way to put my buyer into the home. I’ve been amazed at how many of the people I threw away before could have bought homes if someone would take the time to come up with a solution.

I don’t think that Karp expected me to say this, but when discussed how he creatively pulls deals off. I realized that I couldn’t do that with my buyers because I knew nothing about them. Things changed over the course of a week. I have a backlog of qualified buyers waiting for me to find homes that meet there needs. I used to have a back log of homes and tried to find buyers. I am guilty of not exploring all the options, and not using all the resources available to me to get my buyers into my homes. Karp opened my eyes to creativity!

Karp is one of the sharpest and most creative people that I have ever talked to. If any of you ever have the opportunity to talk to him about your business take advatage of it, he can provide some great insight.

Thanks Karp!

Scott I mean Steve!:-}