A Clean Slate - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by Bill on May 24, 1999 at 11:56:36:

Very well said. Thanks for a great place to learn.

A Clean Slate - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on May 24, 1999 at 11:30:52:

Okay, folks. Things around here gotta change. The snide
remarks, sniping, bickering and insults have to stop.

For over three years, this news group has been an incredible
resource for information and education. It has been a place
for learning, sharing and camaraderie. Many, many, many
friendships have developed right here. Many people have
done their very first deals because of the help they have
received right here. Lives have changed for the better…
right here.

Over this same time, we certainly have also had a seemingly
never ending trail of know-it-alls, troublemakers and others
with various hidden agenda. This is just part of the mix you
get when you’re on the “super information highway.”

Lately, things seem to have gotten out of hand. I’m tired of
it. I can’t spend all my life monitoring this news group.

Here’s a chance to start over in a responsible manner.

J.P. Vaughan

Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by Dave

Posted by Dave on May 25, 1999 at 22:02:22:

Hello…I totally agree. I have been on this site for a few months and I think it is nothing less than a gift from Heaven for real estate investors. I love to get on here and see what kind of creative deals people are coming up with. Lately, it does seem that a few of you are more worried about what people think of your ideas than if they really work. I think that you should be confident in what you believe, but at the same time realize that there are more ways than one to make a particular deal happen. This site should be to get advice if you need it,give advice if you feel that you can help, or just to be able to talk to people that have the same goals and ambitions that you have. I have been extremely interested in creative real estate investing since the early 80’s when Robert Allen came out with the Nothing Down books and seminars (I was in my early twenties). I used to ask for creative real estate books for Birthday and Christmas gifts. I was and still am possessed… I’ve always thought that real estate was such an excellent tool for the motivated/entrepreneurial type. Since those early days, I have made quite a few good deals and have also made some really bad ones. You see, you can learn by my mistakes. I am not ashamed to say that even after all these years, I still feel that I have so much to learn. I want to learn from all of you. If there is anything I feel that I can help you with, I will share it (if you don’t like my advice, no offense taken). With about 15 years of studying creative real estate and many deals under my belt, I should be able to offer some good advice. Lately, I made the biggest mess-up of all. I was sued by an investor for not paying back a note on 2 properties when it was due. I signed too short term of a note and didn’t have a back-up plan. Also, I was buying under my own name instead of a legal entity such as a corporation or a LLC. Unfortunately, I had to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as the only way out. Believe me, this wasn’t fun! If I had known about this site maybe I could have received some good advice from some of you and avoided all of that. You’re probably wondering how I could make such a big mistake after all of these years. Good question…I think it’s because I have basically been a ‘loner’ as far as my real estate investing goes. I wish that I could have ran my ideas across to you guys before I actually did them. My point here is that nobody knows everything about real estate. I thought that I knew a lot, but I wouldn’t have got into trouble if I did. Also, if your new to investing, don’t be afraid to give your input. If I were you, I would let the receiving party know of your idea, but just let them know you are a beginner (that doesn’t mean your idea won’t work). Personally, I will gladly take advice from ‘Newbies’ or experienced investors. I am just happy to know that this site exists. Now, I don’t have to feel like I’m alone and neither do you…Good Luck and let’s get on with what really matters; INVESTING!
Many THANKS to J.P. Vaughan. I hope that I can meet you some day. Dave (ID)

Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by Eduardo (OR)

Posted by Eduardo (OR) on May 24, 1999 at 20:36:37:

I hope you’re able to change direction as you suggest, J.P. I have great admiration for you and some of the long time contributors to this site. I’ve been a successful (small-time) investor for 25 years or so now and used to contribute here regularly. Here is my explanation for having pretty much stopped about six months ago. I got tired of two things: 1. Too many beginners thinking that to be successful and make money in real estate investing you have to use crooked or unethical routines. Nothing could be further from the truth. And, 2. (This bothered me just as much.) Too many beginners posing as successful investors and contributing bad advice to other beginners. I went into real estate investing when I realized get rich slow didn’t work. But one doesn’t become an expert in 2 weeks or 2 months. (O.K., I’ll accept 2 years but I really think it’s more like 5-10 years–just like in any other endeavor…) Anyway, good luck to one and all. --Eduardo

Bravo! (nt) - Posted by tb

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Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on May 24, 1999 at 18:09:35:

Sounds great. I hope everyone will follow through.

OKEE DOKEE (nt) - Posted by Bassman

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Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on May 24, 1999 at 15:59:02:

Thought I’d make a few comments regarding the “clean slate”.

I’ve been through some events in “real” life that were of the “clean slate” variety. We probably all have. Traumatic events which shear off the past just at the “wrong” time. But one thing for sure?.once you’re past the initial shock, direction is changed forever. And in keeping with that possibility I applaud this move?..an opportunity for change, an abrupt move which shifts the course of events. I like it?.nice touch.

Perhaps part of the opportunity here is to recognize that the newsgroup is really a microcosm of everything in your life?..it’s like a family, a group, an organization. I don’t know about all of you, but chances are you all experience some conflict in your life?.I know I do. It’s something you can’t avoid?.life doesn’t always go the way you would prefer. Real estate in particular is full of conflict?it’s part of what I enjoy?the challenge of dealing with all different types of people with different egos, different needs, and different expectations.

This newsgroup is no different. My expectation at this moment is NOT that people will suddenly forget their ego, suddenly forget to be offended, or suddenly stop being abrasive, sensitive, angry, withdrawn or any of the other very human qualities that we all possess. Rather, my expectation is that we will continue to experience exactly what we ALWAYS experience anytime more than one person gets together in a setting.

I think the opportunity here is to learn that change starts within each of us. If I can put into this newsgroup what I expect out of it?.that’s a step. In other words, the opportunity is for each of us to be responsible for our actions?.to be responsible for our communications, our feelings. If I’m angry, it’s not because any of you forced me to be angry, it’s because out of all the possibilities for different feelings that are open to me I happened to pick out anger. In the end, any feeling that I have is all mine?.it’s not the responsibility of any other person. My feeling is that a recognition of this fact is a beginning step in personal growth.

I expect there to be future conflict?.because it’s human. Even conflict produces growth and learning?.you just have to be open to it. I look forward to this “clean slate”?.I look forward to improving myself, growing, learning, and communicating effectively here at the newsgroup.

Good luck to us all.


Re: Thank you! - Posted by DanM(OR)

Posted by DanM(OR) on May 24, 1999 at 14:56:40:


We met in Dallas, I am sure that you met many, but I consider you and Terry friends. I appreciate all that you do for us here. I know that you will be blessed for your unselfish giving to this site.

Thank you for saving my life two years ago when I found this place. It truly changed the way my family, friends, and I live. You have blessed them through your site.

My only problem now is: how do a I read the posts I missed over the weekend? They are gone? I read the newsgroup daily and have learned several lifetimes worth of information. I am going to miss the posts I couldn’t read because of a few bad apples. The newsgroup is an addiction for me. :slight_smile: Thanks for the constant supply!

Your REI freind in Bend,

Dan Matejsek

Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by David (TN)

Posted by David (TN) on May 24, 1999 at 13:16:04:

I have to say that I have recently found this site and have totally fell in love with it. I have learned alot from listening to how others make deals and flip homes, etc. I would hate for some people who think they know it all, or are looking to ruffle some feathers, to cause us to lose this site. I feel like I have finally found a place I can go and commune with people like myself with the same type of goals and dreams.

But at the same time, we need to take some responsiblity for the area as well. If someone posts a message that appears to be aimed at doing nothing but starting trouble, just ignore it. The more we interact with these people the more it feeds their stupidity and desire to keep posting.

Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by Warner

Posted by Warner on May 24, 1999 at 13:01:42:

Thanks JP,

As a new member to this site, I am really impressed with the information available on creative real estate investing. I have seen some of those unkind remarks and it is unfortunate that there are those who find it necessary to try and degrade something that does so much good for newbies like myself and more experienced investors.

Since I’m focused on my goals I can look past the bull and concentrate on the more meaningful aspects of this highly informative site.

Thanks for all of your information.


Thank you!!! - Posted by lyal

Posted by lyal on May 24, 1999 at 11:45:14:

Thank you JP! Recently the content to noise ratio has gotten skewed. I’m not setting the world on fire (yet) with my investing but I’m ramping up steadily. I’m working on my 4th mobile home deal, I recently attended Bill Bronchick’s most EXCELLENT “Cash Cow” seminar in 'Vegas and I’ve developed supportive relationships with investors from all over the country. NONE of this would have been possible without you and Terry, your Web site and the experts who generously give of their time and talent to help us newbies.

I hope we can get back to the positive atmosphere we all used to enjoy.

Re: A Clean Slate - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on May 24, 1999 at 21:04:10:

Nice to see you again, Eduardo. I always appreciated
your contributions. It would be great if you would help
us set the new tone here.


re: New to this site, but wise to it’s ways - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on May 24, 1999 at 13:33:59:

Thank you David,
Some advice we should ALL heed. If a post’s content is obviously meant to start trouble, IGNORE IT! Why waste valuable space and time on garbage.