A few words of encouragement for a weary worker? - Posted by Cathryn

Posted by Brandi_TX on May 05, 1999 at 01:36:12:

When reading the posts here, try this to get through them faster…

Instead of clicking the post title with the left mouse button, click it with the right moude button. A menu will pop up asking what you want to do. Select “Open in new window”. The post will come up, you can read all of the thread as you normally would, then when you are done, close the “new window” and you are back at the main board without it having to reload. The color of the text won’t change to show you have all ready read it until you reload the main page.

Saves a TON of time on slow PC’s.

Have fun… but don’t stop takin’ those shpwers now that you have more time to read the board! LOL


A few words of encouragement for a weary worker? - Posted by Cathryn

Posted by Cathryn on May 03, 1999 at 22:20:22:

So…it’s heading towards 10pm. A thunderstorm fried my modem port a few weeks ago, but I thought I could solve things – and print out my e-mail-- by buying a port extender. ($70.) As is typical, I’ve spent the last hour trying to make the thing work. I need, according to the manual, to update my network program by downloading an update from the Apple web site. But the program ain’t there! Related programs they’ve got, this program would seem to be history. So I call the support number for the port expander manufacturer, and of course, no one is there, call back tomorrow.From work, of course, where we are not supposed to make personal calls, and where they have just stuck up cameras in all the hallways to make sure the slaves are behaving themselves.
So I’ve got listings from my realtor I want to print out—can’t do it—my eyeballs are permanently crossed from trying to read the icons on my ports upside down–I can read ya’lls posts, but can’t print 'em for saving—I can access the local tax records–can’t print out the info—and I am starting to wonder if being a bag lady is such a bad idea. At least they don’t have to wade through a new computer manual every week–
And there’s lightning outside–sigh…

Re: A few words of encouragement for a weary worker? - Posted by Dan in Dallas

Posted by Dan in Dallas on May 04, 1999 at 11:42:25:

Hang in there Cathy…one new deal will make it all better.


Re: A few words of encouragement for a weary worker? - Posted by Robjan

Posted by Robjan on May 04, 1999 at 09:22:27:

Ya know, my computer sucks the royal wazoo too. Have different problems than you. Like when I am done with this post and hit back, I can take a shower and get a cup of coffee and it will just be coming back up. My husband drives 1-1/2 hours in traffic (if its not rush hour it takes 1-1/2 hrs.) to spend 12 hours at a J.O.B. he hates while I sit at home scared to pick up the phone but have to and talk to these people who are calling regarding our lease option or we buy houses ad. I keep telling myself, I know more than they do, but I don’t think I have convinced my mind of that yet. We know that if we keep plugging away here, getting nibble after nibble that something will happen and when it does it will happen big. Do that a few times and my husband won’t have to work this job he hates and we can do this full time and buy a new computer that won’t give us all these problems! So just stick with it, good things don’t come easy. At least with this hope in mind, I can get out of bed in the morning and read all the posts, boost my confidence and make things happen. You just have to be persistant, even when the puter don’t want to. I’m going to submit this now and go take a shower and get a cup of coffee,… then read more posts. Keep pluggin away!