A lot of vacancies - Posted by Jay

Posted by Andrea on April 26, 2000 at 05:23:56:

I guess what you will come to understand as you get involved with this is why exactly there ARE so many vacancies?

Once you become familiar with that and the various types of homes and price points (including what people can afford to pay you) that are typical for your area, you will be in a grand position to take advantage of all those vacancies and AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

You probably want to wait for the book like many folks suggest, I know how agonizing that can be… maybe a good thing to do maentime would be to start looking around at some of these homes and getting a solid feel for what’s around and the different parks, etc… be an sponge while you wait and absorb all that you can. Don’t make any commitments, just start getting the lay of the land.

And don’t think that you’re gonna miss out on deal after deal 'cause you’re taking the time to learn the ropes first… it sounds like you’re gonna have your pick for quite some time to come :slight_smile:


A lot of vacancies - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jay on April 25, 2000 at 22:28:22:

Thanks for all who responded to my ad. However I took a ride through a lot today and discovered tons of vacant mobile homes. After talking with one of the homeowners there I discovered the homes were around $2500. I just smiled when she told me that. There’s one owner who also owns the lot, but he/she was not available. I’m so anxious to get started and I know there’s a deal here for me, but I have no idea what to do. Like I said before, my intentions are to buy Lonnie’s course Deals on Wheels, but how can I pass up these money machines now. I plan on talking with the PM tomorrow just to see exactly what kind of deals are there. I dont know what to do. Help.