A NIGHT in the life of a RE Investor - Posted by karp

Posted by DanM(OR) on March 26, 1999 at 13:34:54:


That’s what I meant to say. :slight_smile: Sorry for my long winded post.

Your Fellow Newbie Friend,

Dan Matejsek

A NIGHT in the life of a RE Investor - Posted by karp

Posted by karp on March 26, 1999 at 09:41:42:

It never stops,

Last night I answered 4 email messages from people who wanted particular advice on a topic.

my thoughts- “Guys, post these questions here, you will get more input, more opinions, etc. Don’t be nervous about posting specific “deal-type” questions. This is how we learn!”

I stopped by the chatroom to see what was going on.

Then the phone rang. I got a couple of calls:

One guy needed help figuriing out creative ways to sell a house in Odessa-Midland. Ideas: (raise the price SLIGHTLY but offer a greater precentage to the selling agent, make sure the agents were fluent in some of the newer, neater financing options available, etc.)

Another guy was a retired gentleman from Georgia. Very nice man. We spoke about SYSTEMS and PROCESSES for a while and also found out we had both once made a living daytrading the S+P! That was fun.

A couple more preforeclosure calls (up till 9pm).

New employee called me to tell me a closing went well. (This is the best- I didn’t know he had started working for us yet, I didn’t know he was “doing loans”, and I didn’t know we had a closing! Thanks Michael Gerber!)

I got a call back on a 4 plex I made an offer on (You guys know by now I only write an offer when I KNOW it will be accepted). She called me and was really embarressed by the fact that she had forgotten her late husband had taken out a 65K 2nd on it…The contract she signed was for way less than she owed…I told her to tear it up and I would do the same and we will talk tomorrow. (That deal is D.O.A. -LOL)

So, I would hope, you, gentle reader, can see I have made a conscious effort to not be so angry with stupidity and sloth. However that may have to change. My last event of the evening was reading a response to an email I sent.

The gentleman who posts on this board, asked me OVER 20 questions, very detailed, etc. I was resenting answering SO MUCH STUFF, but figured what the heck and gave him 110%. Took me some time too.

His response I read last night was as follows:

“karp, that’s what I figure’d you would say. I am not going to do any of this stuff as I have my own system, I just wanted to see what you would say.”

I am so freaking amazed at my self-control.



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Posted by Ronnie on March 28, 1999 at 14:06:47:

Figured I’d add my .02 cents worth, even though I haven’t finished reading all the responses to this post:

I’ve occasionally posted questions publicly, and have also done some personal emails. I, for one, can’t tell you how grateful I am that you took the time to answer me. And I extend the same gratitude to Jim Piper and Steve Cooke.

I’m days away from my first successful deal, and I am grateful to Karp, Jim, and Steve for helping me find the courage within myself to go full-time into real estate. I hope to post a Success Story soon and I’ll surely thank those three in particular.


I spent a month in Odessa one night - Posted by The Baze

Posted by The Baze on March 26, 1999 at 18:47:36:

But the game between Odessa Permian and Midland Lee was worth it. Love that high school football in Texas.

Tom Bazley

Re: A NIGHT in the life of a RE Investor - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on March 26, 1999 at 14:09:02:

Just a slightly different view?.we can’t agree on everything can we?

I think that when you respond to an email or post on the newsgroup, there is no requirement that the reader/recipient either agree, respond, thank you, or even act in a polite manner. Any expectation on your part that any or all of these things take place is bound to frustrate you. Rather, it’s possible to respond based on your enjoyment of responding/communicating regarding the subject, and to understand that your response may educate the reader (it doesn’t have to), and in the process of rethinking the subject may help to educate you as well. Expecting anything else isn’t very realistic in my view, although you may well get something else from some people.

Where I definitely agree with you is that when someone emails a question that they receive their sole response from one person, they do a disservice to themselves, not to mention a disservice to you and the other participants in the newsgroup. The whole effectiveness of the newsgroup hinges around public questions and answers. If everyone emailed their question then the newsgroup would cease to exist. Further, more than one answer to a question gives the participant the myriad of different spins possible to any particular question?.from which they may evaluate in light of their personal circumstances. And finally, a public response doesn’t just answer the posters question?.it answers that question for everyone who reads it. So it benefits both the newsgroup participants in general, plus saving a lot of time for the person answering the question.

We have seen many issues debated back and forth here on the newsgroup, out of which has come a general increase in everyone’s knowledge regarding the issue. All of this is lost when a question is emailed. So my thought would be that before anyone emails a question they think long and hard about whether they will truly benefit the most from a public post, or a private email. My guess is that most of the time the public post will win out.


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Posted by Lee on March 26, 1999 at 12:23:06:

Hea Karp… What was your phone number… can’t seem to find it.



From One Newbie to All Other Newbies… - Posted by JHyre in Ohio

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on March 26, 1999 at 11:32:01:

Post publicly to avoid duplication. Do not overwhelm people with requests for free advice- that’s beyond rude. Only make detailed requests if you are serious.

An abused resource will quickly be a former resource. Common courtesy and a bit of restraint let everyone suck the pro’s brains dry…errr, I mean profit from their wisdom.

John Hyre

Thanks To You And All The Other Amazing Dudes - Posted by Baltimore BirdDog

Posted by Baltimore BirdDog on March 31, 1999 at 12:56:06:

Hey JPiper,

Very well said. I agree with your philosophy about posting, but it’s still rude when people draw on a resource and don’t give anything back, even if it’s just a quick “Thanks for the advice. You’ve really helped.”

Along those lines, I’ll say that I wouldn’t be as far along today as I am without this site and the great posts that you and the other gurus put up. You’re doing a great service for the rest of us newbies, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, we’ll corner them in a room, turn the lights out, and beat the snot out of them. LOL. Just kidding?!

Seriously, though. Thanks to you and all the other amazing dudes for posting. You’ve enriched our careers and lives more than you can imagine.



Re: A NIGHT in the life of a RE Investor - Posted by Alex Gurevich, TX

Posted by Alex Gurevich, TX on March 31, 1999 at 12:16:40:

One of the other benefits is that you can be called “an amazing dude”, etc. I suppose that’s what meant when you said “you may well get something else from some people”.

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Posted by johnman on March 26, 1999 at 20:06:10:

You are just amazing dude! Well said! The publics posts are important to me and others and I personally appreciate all the inputs given to my questions and to the questions of others. You just can’t get this type of help ANYWHERE.
Thanks to EVERYONE who shares their knowledge with us.


Conserve Our Natural Resources! - Posted by Baltimore BirdDog

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Great cut to the chase! Between you and Dan, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I enjoyed meeting you in Dallas as well. Looking forward to doing it again next year. Here’s to everyone’s future success!


P.S. Thanks for the JHyre stamp of excellence on my post above, by the way.