Advantages\disanvatages of becoming Salesperson - Posted by myriam

Posted by Ken Stampe(TX) on September 27, 2005 at 16:23:15:

HAHAHAHA. (LoL @ patrick’s response)

My .02 is that if you want to become licensed to do something then become licensed to do something you really want to do. I’m not a licensed lawyer although going to law school might actually help me from time to time. I just think an investment in time and money to become a real estate agent is best spent if you really want to be a real estate agent.

Unless you just want MLS access and a Supra Key…


Advantages\disanvatages of becoming Salesperson - Posted by myriam

Posted by myriam on September 26, 2005 at 13:49:29:

Hi everyone,

I am wondering whether I should go for my RE sales license or not to probably earn some money. I am wondering if there are advantages to doing that if my main goal is to buy investment properties in the future.


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Posted by Frank Chin on September 30, 2005 at 07:38:01:


My wife was a “real estate agent” for six months. I teamed up with a “real estate agent” some time back, and he did it for about three years, to get his feet wet, and then ditched the licence to become an investor.

Both my wife and friend advised me that being an agent is NOT the way to make money. One day, this friend said he has to run off to an “awards dinner” that night for “million dollar” producers. I said “sounds excitng”. His answer?? “What so exciting about getting 1/4 (agents split) of 6% of one million (that’s $15,000). I have to pay gas, business cards, other expenses out of it.”

I asked if he’s a “million dollar” producer. He said no, and added that only a third or so of the office reached that target. So I asked him why he didn’t become a real estate investor to begin with.

In summary, he explained that some folks need a CRUTCH, and one of the things his office made them do was visit every home in the area, introduce himself, and offer services for his local “Century 21”. He explained he’s shy about door knocking for no reason at all (hey I’m the local RE investor), but felt more confident putting his yellow Century 21 jacket on knocking on doors.

But he said his trick is to volunteer to go to closings to pick up checks for other agents who hates to waste the hour. He says he was able to make contact with lawyers, investors, , that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet. And he was able to work with bankers, mortgage brokers for his clients instead of calling up as an investor and say “hi, I’m Larry, I got no money but do you give 100% loans to someone with bad credit”

After he made all his contacts, he ditched his license and became an investor.

Frank Chin

An Education - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on September 27, 2005 at 07:41:57:

working as a licensed salesperson would allow you to immerse yourself in he local real estate market, while making a few shekels. If you could manage to scrape up enuf commissions to make ends meet, you would be subsidizing your own education.

If you realy like sales and self-promotion, you may well enjoy working as an agent.

good luck

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Posted by Patrick S. Lawson on September 26, 2005 at 14:14:32:

Advantage: MLS access and Supra Key.
Disadvantage: Everything else