advice for a homebuyerr friend - Posted by kc

Posted by kc on May 30, 1999 at 07:55:37:

Hi everyone…this is such a supportive place to be, I love reading all the posts!!!
I have a friend who I would like to assist in buying her new home, so I can learn on the way and offer her the best deal possible. I will summarise her situation as follows

Single women 39yrs
yearly income-$60.000 a year (been at same job 10yrs)
works in upstate Ny and wants to move to Vt
will stay at her present employ until getting approval for loan (this was my suggestion)
Her income will lower substantialy when moves to vermont
Is not really interested in CRE just wants her house she will live in for her remaining life (at least thats her intention)
and I want to help her save lots on her new house purchase, but (not for my profit)
And how she should proceed…I have just brought buying a house for dummies…thought it might give us something to go on…
hope this question is ok and appropriate for the board
warmest regards…KC