Advice Please..... - Posted by Cory

Posted by marc389 on September 09, 2003 at 14:50:05:

If this broker called you out of the blue he must be working with the buyer and therefore will get a commission from the buyer. If you have nothing signed with this guy, you owe him nothing for the deal. You could be nice and give him some cash to keep him sending you more buyers in the future.

Advice Please… - Posted by Cory

Posted by Cory on September 08, 2003 at 14:10:27:

Hi everyone I stumbled onto this site about 6 month’s ago. I used everyone’s advice and flipped a house and made $35,000.00 owned the property for 4 days Sweet… anyways that’s a success story. I have purchased another house and hade a real este broker call me last night with a buyer…I bought the home for $80,000.00 and I am selling it to the buyer for $119,000.00…the broker wants to know what I will pay him for getting me this… a percentage of 5% of total price…also I am trying to be creative with money to try not to get hit to hard on gapital gain taxes…like some cash maybe $10,000.00 and I will drop the sale price to 105,000.00…what is your advice.