Any rehabbers/ investors in Florence, SC?????? - Posted by Eric

Posted by T.Byrd on September 07, 2003 at 02:32:32:

Hey Eric!
I’m in Florence Too!
Just getting started w/investing,but I have seen many
ads,signs,etc. around that say “we buy houses”. Don’t know if they’re rehabbers or not.
Depending on the property,I’m definitely open to all opportunities.
Otherwise, just talk to everyone about your interest, almost everyone knows someone who’s got something to do
w/real estate.also talk to guys at the local building supply (south florence builders, shaw lumber,etc.)ask if they know any rehabbers,ivestors. Real estate agents surely could give you some names. Good luck, maybe we can do business sometimes!

Any rehabbers/ investors in Florence, SC??? - Posted by Eric

Posted by Eric on September 03, 2003 at 02:16:55:

Im a newbie interested in getting into real estate investment by means of quick flips to start off with and eventually rehabbing. Ive been doing my homework and reading a lot on this site as well as books. I wanted to start searching for rehabbers or investors to do future flips with. However, there are no “we buy houses, any condition” ads in the local papers or real estate magazines. Im located in Florence, SC a city on the up-swing in commercial and residential real estate growth. Any investors or rehabbers out there in my area??? anyone have suggestions how I can locate them???