anyone ever had a mentor? - Posted by Fred

Posted by Chris Baker on March 06, 2001 at 13:49:33:

I, myself would love to get a mentor. As soon as funds allow, I may just get one. I have read and heard that Russ’ mentors have done over 1000 sessions and not one complaint. Not verified that I know of. In the meantime, Fred, remember that sometimes things may seem to get off track. In this case, review your goals, refocus and keep going. I have found that reading a couple quotes and an inspirational message everyday helps me keep improoving.
Things will turn around for you when the tme is right. Keep your eyes open and all your hard work will be rewarded in due time.

anyone ever had a mentor? - Posted by Fred

Posted by Fred on March 06, 2001 at 13:38:42:

I would like to hear if anyone ever got a mentor for this business. My business has dried up and I am frustrated and have thought about getting some help.

Any thoughts, positive or negative?


Re: anyone ever had a mentor? - Posted by Matt B

Posted by Matt B on March 06, 2001 at 14:19:11:

You know, Fred, I have been considering offering mentoring for a little while now. I have always had tons of enthusiasm for real estate and love doing it. I could talk about it day and night. (Just ask any of my friends!)

There was a period when I was taking a break from doing deals because of problems stemming from my divorce. During that time, I answered a lot of posts here asking for help and began e-mailing a number of people. A few of them have had phone and e-mail conversations with me and I believe that I have helped them to some degree. A few have even been able to work some deals.

I would love to do this as an addition to my business. Actually, since I am planning a major business move, I have had enough time to start writing out a lot of material to help potential mentees.

I believe that having a mentor can help break you out of a slump or even help you get that first deal signed. It took me what seemed like forever to get my first deal signed. However, after having been to the CREonline convention and being surrounded by people doing these deals, I was able to kick it into high gear and start signing deals left and right!

Doesn’t it make sense that someone who has been in your position and been able to start a full time business doing real estate deals would be able to help you get past that sticking point? I remember how difficult it was for me when I first started. I wasted tons of time talking to unmotivated sellers. I spent a lot of time looking like an idiot in front of sellers since I wasn’t sure about answers to their questions.

As I mentioned, some of the people that I have helped get started have been able to sign their first deal. While they may have been able to do this themselves, I was always “giving assignments” and making that person take steps of action. Of course, as they ran into various problems, I was able to help them work through them.

I’m not trying to pat myself on the back here, but I would like to say that I believe that a mentor is a great idea. I was lucky enough to have found this board and all the great people here that helped me get started a few years ago. I believe that they have been great mentors to me. I would have preferred to have someone’s dedicated attention, but am thankful for the help I received.