Areas of Investing - Posted by Michelle

Posted by phil fernandez on March 11, 2000 at 10:19:36:


The beauty of real estate is that there are so many different roads to follow that can make you money.

1./ Holding properties as long term rentals.
2./ Controlling property with lease options.
3./ Buying and reselling properties using wraps, contracts for deed and land contracts.
4./ Lonnie type mobile home deals.
5./ Buying and running mobile home parks.
6./ Buying REO’s from banks and mortgage companies to rehab or flip.
7./ Wholesale flipping.
8. Retail flipping.
9./ Buying properties at auctions.
10. Using notes to buy, sell and trade property.
11./ Buying pre foreclosures.

And these are the ones that quickly come to mind. There have got to be 40 or so other ways of making money in this business. The hard part is narrowing down what you want to concentrate on.

Areas of Investing - Posted by Michelle

Posted by Michelle on March 11, 2000 at 10:07:04:

I hope this doesn’t sound like a foolish question, but here goes…
I am interested in learning about Real Estate Investing. I have only recently begun reading and researching. I have read a few times about deciding which area of real estate to invest in. My question is this… How many areas of REI are there? And what are they?
Thank you for your time.