Assignments vs. Flips - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jeryl on April 02, 1999 at 22:33:13:

who is this “We” is this your bussiness? can u give me the web address.

Assignments vs. Flips - Posted by Jim

Posted by Jim on April 02, 1999 at 13:16:30:

We have been receiving an unusual amount of email from beginners about flipping and the basics. I have noticed some confusion and I hope I can help.

We buy and sell exclusively using the Internet and have chosen to wholesale – in other words – we do assignments. If we choose to take title to the property, do any repairs and sell the property we would retail – in other words – we would flip.

You assign CONTRACTS and flip PROPERTIES. Assignments are considered as wholesaling in some circles. Flipping properties are considered retailing in some circles.

We exclusively assign our contracts. The reason is because we choose to. There is less money doing assignments, but we make it up in volume. We choose not having to speak to sellers in most instances because we can do it via email. We can send e-ads, e-reports, and e-offers via email quickly and efficiently. Buying and selling on the Internet is not for everyone. It is for us.

The reason we choose to do assignments, and not flip properties is because of our lifestyle, our goals, and our temperment. We would rather get in and out – pass the good deal to an owner occupant or investor – make some quick cash $4k-$10k – and be done with it.

After we secure the deal with our contract (sent via email - e-signatures are coming soon - we use fax for signatures), we contact someone from our buyers list and assign our contract. We will not assign our contract unless the new buyer has email and is willing to coorespond by email.