At last...A constructive post!! - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on May 24, 1999 at 10:17:41:

In light of the recent “word contest” we have had lately, and in an effort to get some informative postings back on the board again (not to mention I am dying to find out :}),
I hereby obligate :slight_smile: all those who are active investors,
to assist us newbies on the how they market for deals in this Seller’s Market.

You see, I saw myself in Ben’s Marketing article. I did a couple of deals and then…nothing. I must confess that many times I have even considered throwing in the towel because it seems like I am spinning my wheels. I mean I call on ads, have an ad running, even track preforeclosures. I am having a hard time staying focused and motivated.

Every time (day) I log on to this page I see someone asking about the particulars about a deal they are in the process of doing (i.e. when we are not fighting :}). But not too many posts on How to find them deals which i think is the backbone of this business.

So please, please lets start a thread on how you guys find the deals.