Atlanta Foreclosure Quick Help! - Posted by Steve

Posted by HankM on May 11, 1999 at 20:11:14:

Where to start …

Go read everything by Joe Kaiser in the Money Making Ideas and How To Articles on this site.

Go to the courthouse … the case number should be in the posting that you saw. Pull the file and find out what’s what. Next the recorder’s office, find all the encumberences … at 11K against 125K this could be a small second or third or whatever that will be subject to an existing first. You need to know.

As to finding them … see if there are any “little” junior liens that you might be able to buy/option very cheap … that will give you an interest in the property and you can run a credit bureau and or skip trace someone.

It may sound funny, but the middle of June is a long time. Get busy and report back.


Atlanta Foreclosure Quick Help! - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on May 11, 1999 at 19:34:13:

I have run across a foreclosure to be sold on the second Tues. in June, and need help as this is my first attempt.

The notice says the amount is $11,963 and it it is listed as two separate people. I went by the home today and it appears to be abandoned (broken out grage door windows and grass to my waist). It appears to be a 4 BR 2 BA on a sizeable piece of land (approx 1/2 acre) and the home next door is listed with a realtor for $125,000.

I have checked on internet and local sources to find a way to contact the people listed in the notice with no luck, but have not yet been to the courthouse.

What to do next? I dont want to miss this because I forgot something.

Thanks for all of your help.