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Posted by Dirk Roach on June 22, 1999 at 02:04:04:

Hi DH,
Well after a week Sat to Sat my postcard results have slowed down. However as we are entering the last phase of this month and space rent is coming up once again I’m quite confident that more calls will still be rolling in, so far I at 19 out of 260. I’m happy though. Currently I am only working 3 of them. “Only 3?” I can here some people ask, but my reason is simple. Out of the 19 I could cultivate the BEST 3 and focus on them. I love being in the position to pick and choose. Thus you always win and I like winning.
Yes the main area that I focus on in RE Investing are Lonnie Deals. But that is just me.
However I read a lot. I use a lot of ideas from authors and folks who have had success in other fields and apply it to my business.
Also I want to be versed in other areas of RE Investing so that I can apply this or that technique to whatever deal comes my way and I choose to pursue.
As far as how many a month. Let’s just say this, I am keeping very busy here in S. CA (where your not supposed to be able to find any deals) with Mobile Homes. I make my own schedule, and don’t have to work for anyone. Which is a nice place to be, especially in the sunshine.
If you would like your eyes opened in regards to Mobile Home Investing, I would highly suggest reading:

Lonnie Scruggs “Deals on Wheels”
"Making money with Mobile Homes"
Terry Vaughan “Cashing In”
"Paper into Gold"
Earnst Tew “Get Rich Helping Others”

Also I would suggest hanging out with some folks, this sites Chat Room is super for that. Also as you go along you will meet other investors who are inspire you . I know several big Players who make a lot of money with mobile homes. High Six and Seven figure incomes. Even one guy who does not agree with all of this “free info” on this site. It worries him. Of course he has a private plane to pay for, so he worries a lot anyway.
But the majority of folks I know I have met right here on this site.
Not only will you find and be able to network here, you do have access to some of the most creative and innovative minds out there in this field.
What more do you need?
Good luck and talk to you soon.

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Posted by DH on June 22, 1999 at 01:12:09:

I saw your post about sending postcard to MH owner…What was the result on your mailing? any deal coming out from that yet? are you doing pretty much lonnie deals in your area? and how many deals a month are you currently doing?

sorry too many questions? may be you can help open up my eyes in MH business.