Posted by MattInAustin on January 11, 1999 at 11:59:22:

Hello Austin,

I am new to the area if beutiful Austin, TX and am ready to do some serious networking and (Bird-dogging). I am currently looking for Wholesale flip and MH opportunites in the area, pounding the pavement, driving thru parks etc. If you are interested in a phone call (or email) from me when I find an opportunity, send me your email address and Ill keep you in mind. (trying to get my stuff in order before I find the deals.)

By the way any and all advice on the Austin market, (looks like a sellers market to me) will be greatly appreciated, also tips about the MH laws, and any good Investment groups or clubs that might need a good ‘deal finder’.

By the way the Newsgroup is great, if you have not found the SEARCH FUNCTION, find it, and the biggest waste of education is when its not mixed with action!!!

Thanks to all