AWESOME! - Posted by Brett

Posted by Matt on March 24, 2001 at 23:54:41:

Hey Brett- I can relate with you completely. I am new with RE as well, but have been reading books on it and doing a lot of research on the web-I must have 20-30 bookmarked RE web sites… :slight_smile: I am really excited about this career opportunity too. I am buying the CS No Money Down course as well- (Save 30 bucks and buy the cassette version) but until I get the course in a few weeks,(waiting on my income tax refund) I can start on the audio part now! know how?.. Napster. It isn’t just for music. you can find the CS course, as well as many other audio books and self help files and other info on it. I know that many mp3’s are illegally traded on Napster, but if you already own the course (or will soon like me, because I want the books and videos too) then having the audio portion on MP3 is just a great backup of what you bought, only in a different format. Good luck to you.


AWESOME! - Posted by Brett

Posted by Brett on March 24, 2001 at 14:54:37:

I just wanted to thank everyone that has placed positive posts here, which motivated me to purchase a foundation to a lifelong solution to my financial needs. I am super excited to get started. I should receive my course next week. I have been milking around in wanting to get into RE for about 3 years now. So I am ready! If anyone has any advice they want to throw at a newbie, let me have it!! Oh ya, the course I bought was the CS No money down. 30 money back, can’t say no to that. However I did not appreciate the pounding I took as they tried to sell me add ons. Thanks for the posts about CS tacking on little “extras” that you did not ask for. I am going to watch my bill like a hawk!
Please I want advice on how to do this right, the first time.
Thanks Everyone