BANDITS GOING OUT ........but Where - Posted by Littleguru

Posted by Barry (FL) on September 07, 2003 at 18:40:23:

BANDITS GOING OUT …but Where - Posted by Littleguru

Posted by Littleguru on September 06, 2003 at 17:00:59:

I need someones help. I have my signs i want to put them out tonight. But i still don’t know what neighborhoods to target. I’m focusing on subject to with l/o on back end.

I want to focus on newer homes but here their 300k+.
I’m thinking about focusing on 175k 3bed 2bath 1500sq.ft 30yr old houses in nicer neighboorhoods with good schools. Whats anyones experience with these types of homes what would you suggest as far as what type of housing i have a huge range of housing within 15 mins.?

Should i just blanket wherever and see what type of response i get.

I want to get these out… THANKYOU for any response.

I’ll tell you where they go in St. Pete - Posted by Hank FL

Posted by Hank FL on September 06, 2003 at 19:07:31:

Littleguru, I wouldn’t blanket the nicer areas as the residents get a little freaked out and your signs will end up gone rather quickly. Try commercial streets that get traffic. Put them on the corners so you’ll have a captive audience. Perhaps you might only be able to put them up during the weekends.

You also might want to check out the regional forum over at to find out how active the “sharks” are in your town. Thery’re a sad bunch.

Imagine if you’re goal in life was to pull up street signs. Wasted hours.

I don’t put up street signs anymore -waking up at 2:00 or 3:00 AM isn’t for me- but I checked my area anyway and look what I found:

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To Redstone
You asked how we removed so many signs. The answer is:
I work for the City of St. Petersburg and despite a code ordinance against such illegal signage the Codes department was unable to successfully manage the situation. Because of my department’s (Sanitation) success with the graffiti abatement progam they honored me with “snipe” removal.

I have one worker who collects signs 1 to 3 days per week depending on how busy the spammers were over the weekend. Routes were developed to systematically cover the city. We designed a tool to quickly remove signs placed high on poles. All signs are destroyed. Pure and simple. I also have a handful of citizens that call me when they see signs. Our legal department has asked citizens not to remove signs themselves but to call the city.

The trend I see in St. Pete since we took over the program in Dec 99 is that several specific signs,like I lost 40 lbs,Cabinet Resurfacing and We Buy Houses,have given up and/or moved out of the city. Others presist but rarely place them high on poles anymore. In addition, people and businesses with legal signs are paying close attention to placing their signs properly.

Thank you for your interest.

Everyone did the cyber-genuflect which was followed by this:

  1. "In the Beginning"
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Elkman, Good questions!
Our program here in St. Peterburg evolved from quite vocal neighborhood associations throughout the city. City Hall listened and took action by assigning the task to the Sanitation department. There are several reasons this job came to Sanitation: we deal in trash and SPAM clearly qualifys as trash, we are an enterprise fund (revenue generating) so we could cover costs, we have the manpower to do the job, and since our war on graffiti has shown a decrease of over 75% since 1994, we needed another war to fight.

I was also curious why our legal department asked citizens not to remove signs and the answer was liability. I guess if we tell people to remove signs and they get hurt or somehow get into a confrontation there may be some liability. There definitely are confrontations from time to time.

I see this job as a long term, several times each week battle that each city government should address. After all, these signs are in their right-of-way. My budget is $80,000 and the one employee has three duties: removes graffiti, spam removal and alley trimming. I am proud of how beautiful St. Petersburg is and proud to be able to do my part.

Now I’m not so critical of the people that work for local municipalities as I am the wierdos that don’t have a life who congregate at that message board.

These are the same dorks that used to reminded the teacher she forgot to give the class homework. They grow up to call the cops on you for shooting off bottle rockets on the 4th of July.

Try a dumpster. - Posted by js-Indianapolis

Posted by js-Indianapolis on September 06, 2003 at 18:27:20:

Throw em right in, as they are trash.