Bill's Challenge (Again) - Posted by Hector


Posted by Kevin Vincent on February 22, 1999 at 20:00:38:

Great Idea, I’m interested


Bill’s Challenge (Again) - Posted by Hector

Posted by Hector on February 21, 1999 at 09:11:27:

I used that subject heading because I knew it would catch everybody’s attention. I would like to applaude Ed Garcia for his impressive response to Bill’s challenge. When I first read Bill’s post, I was not angry or insulted like others because I empathized with what he was saying. I understood the underlying message and felt the frustration. It could have been any number of us newbies writing that post. I applaude SCook85 too for stepping out of his shoes and recalling how he felt when he first started out.

Although I won’t be going to the convention this time around, I hope you two and the other professionals consider this: Build a “hands-on” training seminar that will take us frustrated newbies or those of us suffering from paralysis out into the field. Sorta like graduating from the police academy and riding around with a seasoned officer during probation. I know there are a lot of you out there who have a special niche or confidence in a particular area of real estate and love to teach. I see this all the time on this web page. The best example I can use is Jackie from Dallas. If after educating myself in CRE investing and I feel comfortable with doing flips, I can attend Jackie’s two-day seminar in Dallas where I can ride-along with her while she flips Dallas around all day long. “Flip” seminars could be held by others all over the country not just in one place. L/Os, multi-building, condos, mobile homes, negotiating, dealing with title companies, mortgage brokers, financing, closing sales, real estate law…there are so many subjects out there and so many experts. Of course, these seminars would be held once or twice a month so as to not interfere with everyone’s business.

We are family! Will it work?