building a buyers list - Posted by Ted

Posted by Nate on February 26, 2001 at 08:56:19:


What I do is this:

go to

Go to “Zip + 4 lookup”

Enter the complex address

It will spit back all of the apt. #s at that address.

Note, for some of the larger complexes, you will still have to drive around just to get the building addresses. Some big complexes have addresses on multiple streets and such.

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building a buyers list - Posted by Ted

Posted by Ted on February 26, 2001 at 24:50:31:

I am interested in targeting my local apartment complexes with flyers to add to my buyers list and am wondering how to get the precise address for the individual apartments. I have a RE agent friend who found out the hard way that door hangers at each apartment was not the way to go. Nasty phone calls from management and letters from Lawyers left a bad taste in her mouth for this type of marketing. I know that if I send my flyers directly to “occupant, 123 Main st. apt. # 12” that they will get them. I can get the main address easilly, but there must be a less time consuming way of getting each individual apartment number than going to each complex one at a time and writing down the numbers off the mail box centers. Via the Internet for example.
Any ideas on this would greatly be appreciated!
Good investing.