business names? - Posted by jkf

Posted by Todd (MO) on September 04, 2001 at 13:56:00:

You really want to know, or are you just asking?

This may be deeper than the average person needs to know, but on a psychological level you want to be careful where you are directing the potential customers attention.

“Problem Solvers Realestate, Inc.” can have a negative subconscious connotation. It presumes you have a problem (whether you do or not) that needs solved. Not all owners of real estate feel they have a problem that needs solved (even when they really do). Some property owner may have a vacant property to sell, but it is not a problem for them. Some may take it that you are preying on desperate people. Keep it in the positive light if possible. Words like “problem” make one think of something negative. It reminds them of something bad. Get them to think of something more on the positive side - that you can help.

The name of Bronchicks Co. you referenced, “Realestate Solutions” is neutral while leaning to the positive side. It doesn’t insinuate that there is any sort of a problem, just that they have the solution to your real estate needs. Whatever they may be.
Now, this does not mean that people will not call you or that this will in any way affect your business. Statistically, very few people will see your co. name and think “I don’t have a problem”. But just giving a little lesson on the psychology of the influence of words in business.

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business names? - Posted by jkf

Posted by jkf on September 04, 2001 at 11:28:19:

Tomorrow I am going to the register of deeds office to post my busines name. However, I am not sure what business name to utilize. I was thinking “Problem Solvers Realestate, Inc”. I just want my business name to let people know clearly what I do. I got the idea for my business name from one of Brochnick’s book (excuse the spelling). I believe his company name is “Realestate Solutions”. To me that name really says it all. I want something similar. Do you guys/gals have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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Posted by Long Beach Ed on September 04, 2001 at 17:16:27:

Be careful that the name you choose does not imply you are in a business that requires a broker’s license. Here in New York, you could not use the words “real estate” unless you were a licensed broker.


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Posted by Kim (FL) on September 04, 2001 at 16:38:15:

I completely agree with Todd! The first thing I thought of when I read “Problem Solvers Real Estate” is that NO ONE will call you unless they are ready to admit that they have a problem. I know a guy who worked for a company called “Real Estate Counselors” and he had the same problem. People thought “I don’t need to talk to anyone, I just want to buy a house”. He left and opened his own business with a great name and a great logo!!!

Grab your thesaurus and start looking up boring words to find fun creative positive ones that mean the same thing(start with solutions!)

Have fun!