Buy back and promissory series ... - Posted by McDowell

Posted by Ed Garcia on April 02, 2006 at 12:24:58:

Mc Dowell,

The first thing you have to do is ?KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID? . Please understand that I?m not calling you stupid. This is a term that is used to say, just make it simple.

A CONFUSED mind says NO.

For sure you could never make your offers through a Realtor, they?d blow the deal.

Your post is not clear to me and is over encompassing. At times I wasn?t sure if you?re just presenting your ideas in theory or as a technique, or were in the midst of trying to close a deal. If you like Shay, you can personally call me at (909) 944-0199 and we can chat about your intentions.

Ed Garcia

Buy back and promissory series … - Posted by McDowell

Posted by McDowell on April 01, 2006 at 15:37:18:

Hi Ed…
How does one ask ?
You see my Subject?
I have 4 questions in 27 parts.
One How can I explain that I have permission to buy realty with Discounted Bonds to help out the Comptroller of Currency in Market…19.00-49.00 / par 1000.00 per unit/block (Purchase = price of the property and ((IRR)) a positive negative to me with remainders from the Close ofthe escrow…to be applied to Operations New Management and upgrades ((having the Freedom to enjoy my Purchase and show a Pride of Ownership without having to worry about Foreclosure in the first critical years 3 - 5 of possession)
What would be a good ratio of Bonds to (inside the Escrow) change positions from the Buyer to the Seller from a Created Note to sale for Cash…price of the Property for Time Value of Money…2X? 3X? 4X? to attract an expedited response and a disposal of income from Public Secondary Markets Private Sectors Angel Investors’ 49%/51% - 60% /40% - 70% / 30% plus a negotiable percents to the Interest which can range from 3.2% - 6.123 on Mature:
The Munis are a soft sale insturment whereas Larry the Cable Guy “get -‘er’- done” is humor for pools ::,


Price: of property (Residential Income 4plex)
First Loan 35% - 65% rays too $308,349.65 - $572,649.35 (in colors)
= colors MISSISSIPPI WATER DIST 25.00 par 1000.00 / unit
12333.986 - 22905.974 (ABC Bond Company + Broker ((AllService to Cut out the loan from the Buyin/buyout
Buyer then Switches positions to become the Seller in cousins and consumates the deal to Escrow officer with a Series Promissory Note 1 & 2 (Intake of the Collateral and reciepts of the Terms and conditions of the Interest and (%) if any…!

If everyone Hates “risk” then include below or how to ask that the Courts issue orders to “give it a try…” ::,

With a Guarantee Bond 3000 - 5730 (float)in HUD-1
Release Bond 900 (float) in HUD-1
Individual Bond - 10 - 90 (float) in Hud-1
Certificate Notary of Individual with ((FBN)) ‘filed’…
to Promissory Support Reasoning; Documents 1 & 2 Buy of the Collateral Soft Orchestrations and accords and Brokers Mercators of the Accounting with Deposits to Escrow Account… Broker One (All Service to cash out the leverage and pay Seller at the close of the Escrow…)

bf=bring forward=

Sufficient Funds Clausing to escrow / Escrow Officer excersises exclusive POWER TO HEAL::, … Formal Date of the Escrow Is issue to the Seller and the Buyer which informs them to appear at table(or)…Buyer and Seller go back to the Addenda and conduct a Final Inspection 5 - 9 days before the date and compare reports made-ready and remedy any “details” that need answer in writing. SHOWS good cause the remedies are in the mail, and the check in the account…

Seller and buyer appear and closure is brought whereas on a Good-Day, the Buyer may/MAY offer a rebate to the Seller for their Closing Costs in seperate Cashiers cheque plus the price / Asking Price / Adjusted Price of the Property from the Escrow Account…date of possession is open and liberal…

Ed help me make this a real book and my goals are one million a month in Net .


Mr. Shay McDowell
Investor - Southern California Regions* – America’ Finest City; Home to the San Diego Zoo / Sea World / Balboa/Belmont Park / International Houses come and visit us on your next vacation ! Life is a Beach!

… P.S. Done Deal ! (due to my Parents are in an Eternal State of Rest whereas; I am under obligation for immoboli immobolii) greater than less than (defined:) I can not have my Family turning over in their grave because I had to pay full retail Price for a Property because I asked permission and they have acknowledged my presence here

The Benefits of doing the Government a Service is three fold
I purchase a Property
I Purchase a Property for NOTHING DOWN keeping my Flag a constant (TVM)
I reduce the costs by markets Load in using Discounted Bonds whereas we help other States and Sectors acknowledge and accept some load in market
I pay one principal US$2569.58 - US$4772.0779 (IRR) which allows me to survive in business those critical “jitter” years 3 - 5 with New Management and Operations…(avoiding Mama Dollar and Papa Dollar…) for an 880,999.00 property.
I offer reduced the sound of CASH ( I am ok your ok ) in Economics to First and Second Orchestartion (( Accords & Opinions)) >pitless< to myself as well; County, City, State, and Federal inseptions of responsibles from ordinary care “condition” by being yep — honest.

We both are Old enough to cherish our Families and the Pleasure to serve with Honesty looks good in infinity, ,…, ( I hope it has it positives and negatives on the Web ::…, .

I spoke to you once on this and we butted heads over it.(your a nice man…) I am still here …now we are at War…how may I further help other than to tell you the Truth that this/it/does work(s)for me this way and I am only one person against many.

How would I expand on the notion of using the European Property Bond Certificate Program…to aquire Properties all over the world? Can you spin your Rolodex and take a look to send me some names of Conservative People now; not hard-lined business policies that are treatments to you and I as Chaff in the wind…because we at this time offer more pitch.