Buyer- but "NO HOUSE" - Posted by Patti -FL

Posted by William, Columbus, OH on June 09, 2000 at 23:50:33:

Patti: Yes, pull a credit check on anyone that might buy a property from you regardless of their occupation.
Do you have a fax machine? I can fax you some forms- or you might be able to get them from Bronchick’s site:

I would offer the seller the opportunity to write the deal now (if I were interested) rather than wait to see if some other person comes through on a verbal offer. Ask him: Do you want to write it up now or wait for someone else to come along if the first offer never materializes. Offer to buy it all cash at closing if he won’t sell it “subject to”. Meanwhile as you rehab it you can be advertising for a buyer. Make sure you allow enough time to do the rehab before the closing date you put in the agreement/offer.
By the way, Patti, this type of post needs to be placed on the Main News Group rather than on the Cash Flow Forum (notes, mortgages, etc) and you’ll get a lot more responses. Love ya for your spunk! Best wishes for your success.

Buyer- but “NO HOUSE” - Posted by Patti -FL

Posted by Patti -FL on June 09, 2000 at 13:30:13:

Hello to all;

Guess what? I have done everything I was taught to do from all of the best guru’ (flyers,bcards,poles,word of mouth, etc.) you get the point. Now that I have established my company I have no houses, no credit (some score >560) and of course I have a buyer on the line looking for a modest home for him/her for >$450