can I buy from the mortgage holder? - Posted by markus

Posted by John Merchant on August 02, 2003 at 22:34:20:

Well now, let me see if I understand what you’re saying: the lady deeded it to somebody else, so now you’re wondering if she can deed it to you. Right! Just like your selling your car to A on Monday, then wanting to sell it to B on Tuesday!

See any problems here? Like the fact you’d no longer own that car? Or she no longer owns that house?

Her QC deed to you now would be worthless…except to get her completely gone and have her give you any remaining rights, remnant or scrap of title she might still own.

She has to get title back before she can do anything with it. Now, if you can get the title directly from the present title holder, and then get the woman’s QC deed to you, that might work to get woman out of it and you into it.

So I’d suggest you make contact with the guy she gave the QC deed to, see if you can get a deed from him, unless he’s already deeded it to somebody else, then you might be in business. If he’s got recorded title interest, you must deal with that and get him out of the picture.

can I buy from the mortgage holder? - Posted by markus

Posted by markus on August 02, 2003 at 22:02:05:


I have a situation. I am attempting to buy this house from a lady that has quit claimed the house over to another investor a year ago. The investor rented the house out for a while and then stop making the payments. The house is going to foreclosure. I want to buy it but I have no contact accept the lady (the mortgagee). My question is, Can I buy the house from her and own it if she has quit claimed it over to someone else?