Can I start an RE LLC in CA? - Posted by JT (CA)

Posted by DB on April 24, 2002 at 16:45:08:

It is not clear from your question what type of business you are trying to form. If you want the LLC to engage in buying and selling real estate on its own behalf, I suggest you insert “real estate investments” where the Application asks for type of business.
California law prohibits LLCs from rendering professional services. You may want to look at Corporations Code Sections 17375 and 13401 for more information.

Can I start an RE LLC in CA? - Posted by JT (CA)

Posted by JT (CA) on April 22, 2002 at 02:13:12:

Been trying to get this question answered from the Main News Group but it appears that the question is a little difficult to answer.

I’ve sent in my Articles of Organization twice and been rejected because it appears that I am trying to form a professional services LLC.

Is there an explanation I can give or change I can make on my LLC-1 form that explains that I do not need to be licensed or registered in any way to be able to conduct real estate investing in CA?

Please help! Thanks much in advance.