Career in the Commercial Real Estate Field - Posted by Andre_DC

Posted by ray@lcorn on September 23, 2003 at 11:38:49:


Of the options you’ve identified as possible employment alternatives, my thought would be that a development firm or REIT would be most likely to match your skills and offer the learning experience you desire. In my opinion, banks, brokerages, consultants and asset managers are one step removed from being principals, therefore would not offer the training in an ownership mindset. You might want to check as a starting point.

I know two attorneys that left their practice for a career in commercial real estate.

One put together a partnership with a developer client, and is specializing in doing merchant development deals, mostly credit tenant freestanding buildings. The other went to work for a large regional auction/brokerage company, and thoroughly enjoys the process of getting a property to market and sold for maximum value.

You didn’t mention your legal specialty, but I would point out that you could also go to work for a law firm that specializes in real estate. That would bring you into contact with the players in the business much in the same way as being with a brokerage, bank or consulting firm, and perhaps be an easier transition.

Last but not least, you could also start investing right where you are, and learn by doing.


Career in the Commercial Real Estate Field - Posted by Andre_DC

Posted by Andre_DC on September 23, 2003 at 01:14:26:


I am considering changing my career from the legal field to the commercial real estate field. Ultimately, I want to do my own commercial real estate investments full-time, and, in the meantime, I want to ?use? the job in the commercial real estate field to get enough experience that I know what I am doing. The job should therefore expose me to as many different aspects of commercial real estate investing as possible, e.g., development, acquisition, disposition, management, due diligence, financial analysis, legal aspects, etc.

What kind of job would you recommend for that, if there is such a job out there at all? Also, what kind of companies should I approach? Developers, consulting firms, REIT?s, brokerages, asset management firms, commercial banks? Or something else?

Thanks for your help,
P.S. If formal education is of relevance for my job search at all (which I assume it is), I have a graduate science degree and a law degree.