Carleton Sheets In Canada...Plus Ron LeGrand - Posted by Shelva

Posted by Shelva on May 02, 1999 at 19:58:55:

Calling all CS experts and Ron LeGrand experts…

Please help!!

I am in Vancouver British Columbia CANADA. I just saw the Carleton Sheets informercial for the 23rd time! I am just about to call the 1800 number tommorrow! before I do that please help me with the following…

  1. Does apply LEGALLY In CANADA? Any one done this in Canada, Successfully?

  2. Can I apply this to atleast by my first home initially and work from there for other deals?

  3. Is this a long term investment program where you cannot get to your equity fast enough?

  4. Who is Ron LeGrand and is it better than CS course, if so how much is it?

  5. Anyone used CS successfully, if so what are your success tips?

thanks for your help
Thinking In Vancouver