carleton sheets - Posted by kevin

Posted by Etherial1 on June 02, 1999 at 13:51:26:

Although I am not in the Florida area, I have had one great sucess with the Carlton Sheets course. I bought my 3 family home with all the money that I had in the world that was left from my divorce. I had very bad credit after my ex didn’t pay anything for 21 months.

I bought it with my mom’s credit and VA loan with 10% down. I also got several thousand back at closing. I did just what the course said to do. I also use the lease and the forms for my rental property.

I was scared too at first, but I had to either pay $57,000 in capital gains (which I did not have) or buy a house for $210,000 with $21,000. I got busy and followed directions.

Good luck. Just do what he says.

carleton sheets - Posted by kevin

Posted by kevin on May 31, 1999 at 18:57:01:

I was wondrering if there’s a successful sheets student in the south florida area. I’ve had the course for about a year but i’m still a little unsure . I was wondering if i could possibly talk to someone who has used the course and has been successful with it and which techniques were used.I have very little money and bad credit.