Carlton Sheets-Getting started in Detroit - Posted by Mike Golick

Posted by TONY on March 30, 2000 at 11:41:30:


Carlton Sheets-Getting started in Detroit - Posted by Mike Golick

Posted by Mike Golick on August 22, 1999 at 16:46:26:

I have had this course for about a year and I have read and re-read it 3 times. I cannot figure out how to make this work in my market. I have gotten close on a few properties but lost out to buyers with more cash to offer. Do I really need a lot of cash? I was thinking $10,000 minimum to get the first property. That’s far from the “No Money Down” premise it’s sold on. What is the best method to aquire properties around here? The market is hot. Lease options are few. I bugs me everytime I see Carlton because I know this has to work. I need a little help. I will help other new students too in the future if I can get someone to help me jump start this thing? Any sucessful Metro-Detroiter’s?

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I live in warren, Mi and am looking to get into buying real estate. I too have gone through carletons course many times and see how hard it seems to be to do what he says. Mabey we could coach/mentor eachother. let me know.

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Are you east-side or west. We east-siders don’t like the west. I am 36 now and bought my first HUD house in Detroit in about 1983. It was at 5734 Hereford, near St. John hospital. I did the same on Balfour, and Guilford and others. My entire family is into REI. My uncle had 75 houses at one time. All Deeeetroit properties. When I got out of college I got a job with EDS. So now I could afford to buy a fixer-upper in Grosse Pointe! Drive by 893 St Clair some time. We sold that one last year for a profit of around 89k or so. It took me 4 years to renovate. I regret selling all these properties because now they are worth even more! I quit EDS and am now renovating a house in Colorado. My wife accepted a voluntary transfer out here. My wife and I will return to Grosse Pointe early in 2000. I am going to continue work on an MA in education at WSU and find another house to renovate and do some more substitute teaching. I am more of a handyman than a “paper” person. My wife is still a programmer at EDS and we are going to build a website dedicated to REI. It will feature all my past and present projects including, pictures and financial details. It will be kinda like Carleton Sheets meets This Old House. It will feature all of those so-called “secrets” to REI for FREEEEEEE. I hope to mentor beginners like you for free. Carleton charges $2,500. We are building the site now, will be online in early 2000 so stay tuned. I can’t wait to get back to DEEEtroit, you can’t get a decent coney island in the entire state of Colorado. Let me know how your investing is going. does the sheets stuff work. I have it but have been busy with a renovation and have not read the book yet.

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Posted by Rose M on August 23, 1999 at 21:10:49:

There are two very important points Sheets makes in his information.:

  1. Join your local Real Estate Investment Club
  2. Seek knowledge from other successful investors - either books, seminars, audio tapes. A few good ones that I think may help you are: Ron LeGrand, Jim Napier and Peter Fortunato (sp?).

Don’t, however, fall for the Carlton Sheets Coaching Program. I fell for it and wasted $2000 of hard earned money. Use the $2000 for something more productive like advertising (consult LeGrand).

Good luck! I know how you feel!