carpet install w/o padding? - Posted by Brenda (OH)

Posted by Ryan (NC) on June 29, 2007 at 05:49:06:

I find Berbers tend to hold up a little better without padding but it really boils down to what is most cost effective. At 25 cent a sf foot for padding and 800 sq or so in a 14x70 you save $200ish in materials not counting any labor.

I am a believer in laminate for rentals but I’ve shied away from it in LD’s due mainly to instillation time. Service life for carpet in our rentals tends to run 3-12 months, most LD’s run at least a year and will sell with a few stains without much problem if we do end up getting the unit back.

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Ryan Needler

carpet install w/o padding? - Posted by Brenda (OH)

Posted by Brenda (OH) on June 28, 2007 at 19:53:01:

Thought I remembered a discussion about installing carpet without padding, being a cost savings strategy? can’t find it in the archives though

so…my question is… is installing inexpensive carpet without padding a strategy for lower end homes only?

is it appropriate to do in a “cold climate” like Ohio, if you know you did a good job sealing up the underbelly of the MH?

thanks for everyone’s patience with my repair questions. I am making progress on my “learner” homes, mostly learning to remember every single screw, toilet paper holder etc costs money that I will have to recover when I sell/take payments… lol


Re: carpet install w/o padding? - Posted by Wayne (ID)

Posted by Wayne (ID) on June 28, 2007 at 21:26:43:

I will not use padding in the bedrooms. However I would use padding in the living room if you use carpet throughout.

I like to use the wood laminate instead for the living room because of the WOW factor when your buyer walks in the door. My last laminate floor, I laid the laminate on a 45 angle. Just started in one corner and went for it. Turned out great and had no more waste because I just used my cut pieces from the first half of the room my starters on the last half. worked around inside corners pretty easy too.

I was told that tile or laminate laid on a 45 makes the room look bigger. I was skeptical. Now I am convinced.


Re: carpet install w/o padding? - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on June 28, 2007 at 20:28:36:

I don’t install carpet because I don’t want to replace it & my handyman hates ripping out yucky stuff. I use hard surfaces only, generally laminate, but other types on occasion (like when I get a deal on something else). However, when I want the floor to have some extra zing I’ll get a plush, but cheap, carpet remnant & throw it on top of the hard surface. Plush carpet doesn’t need finished edges. When the tenants move out, just throw it away.

Most carpet stores w/negotiate on scraps, since the original client already paid for it.


Re: carpet install w/o padding? - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on June 29, 2007 at 08:07:52:

It works w/tile, also. I did a bathroom counter a few years ago & wanted to keep the costs down. I choose the cheapest tile available @ Lowe’s, but installed on an angle. I was really pleased w/the results. I used ceramic paint to create some palm trees on a coupla backsplash tiles, & now the whole bathroom looks very custom.