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Posted by ray@lcorn on July 15, 2003 at 10:45:04:


My comments regarding the ramifications of the similarity of traditional strip center tenant mix being identical to Wal-Mart’s sales mix were based on an article in Retail Traffic, an online publication that focuses on the retail industry. The direct link to that particular article is

I also regularly read National Real Estate Investor (, and subscribe to several print newsletters (Retail Maxim, ICSC Shopping Center Today, Kiplinger’s Washington Letter). Another site I mentioned in Atlanta is, which offers overview and analysis of all property types, as well as specific market reports. Another site that offers an ongoing series of analysis about commercial real estate is Torto-Wheaton Research in Boston (

I also read a wide variety of general economic analysis. I’ve found over the years that I have to pay attention to what is going on in the macro economy to spot emerging conditions. One site I like is Northern Trust’s Economic Research ( I also religiously read the Wall Street Journal… in my opinion the best digest of economic news in the country (besides which their editorial page keeps me sane with the knowledge that there really are some people in the press in touch with reality!)

I’m also blessed with a friend in TX that has a sharp eye for spotting major issues before they appear on the media radar. He continually surprises me by sending articles and commentary from a wide variety of sources that often spur thinking in other areas.

In this interconnected world the law of unexpected consequences rules supreme, and often the effects of macro events have predictable consequences on a micro scale. The trick is to connect the dots, and to do that I have to first become aware that they are there. I’ve found it is best to cast a wide net in collecting information.

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Commercial Market News - Posted by Robert McBride/Atlanta

Posted by Robert McBride/Atlanta on July 05, 2003 at 08:48:16:

At the Lender’s workshop Ray was talking about, for example, strip center anchors competing with the inlines by expanding their product and service lines.

I thought that type of market-dynamic analysis was interesting. I’d like to hear what commercial news sources some of you plug into to get this kind of read on the market.

Robert McBride/Atlanta