Convention ? - Posted by chuck

Posted by phil fernandez on January 20, 2001 at 18:56:50:


There isn’t a deadline to sign up for the convention. However what usually happens is that the hotel rooms get booked up 100%. I would sign up as soon as possible. Worst case you could find another nearby hotel room elsewhere and cab to the convention at the Airport Marriott. Being close to the airport, there are alot of hotels in the area.

I’d call Jeanne toll free at 888-901-4111 Mon - Fri Pacific Time on a continuing basis to see the status of available rooms at the hotel where the convention will be held.

Hope you can make it. Glad to see you are thinking of attending. I’ve been to the last three and wouldn’t miss one.

Convention ? - Posted by chuck

Posted by chuck on January 20, 2001 at 16:07:46:

How much longer do I have to sign up? I am waiting to get my tax refund so that I will have the funds to pay for the trip. Thanks for any info.

Re: Convention ? - Posted by Wayne-NC

Posted by Wayne-NC on January 20, 2001 at 17:31:45:

Why do you need a tax refund to go? Borrow the money, the expense should be tax deductable, and you can pay the loan back with the refund thereby building credit. Also, a tax refund is an interest free loan to the government. I always pay what is due by 4/15. In the meantime, go to the convention. You will learn enough to make good investments and not have to worry about a tax refund to finance good education or anything else for that matter. Ofcourse what I said here will take good financial disipline. That is what business is about. Have fun at the convention. I wish that I could go. I’ll be out of town—on business.

Re: Convention ? - Posted by chuck

Posted by chuck on January 20, 2001 at 18:09:51:

I need to use the refund I am getting from the government to finance the trip. I am a 24 yr old single father who had his wife pass away from cancer and I am still trying to pay off her medical bills, therefore I have horrible credit and no way to borrow the money. I needed to know how long till the deadline for signing up because I have yet to receive my tax forms in the mail. Thanks for the reply.