Could be my first deal - Posted by Ricky

Posted by Ricky on January 27, 1999 at 11:27:23:

About two weeks ago I called a lady about her advertised home for sale. After many questions I found out the home, a SF2-1, was left to her daughter by her now deceased husband. The daughter now resides in CA., the house is in La. She owns it free and clear. There is also a mobile home next door that she also own. Both are vacant. I’m having a hard time getting the mother to put me in contact with the daughter, saying she is to handle it for her. She’s asking $34,500 and says her daughter needs all cash. The mother is also planning on selling her home sometime in the near future to move to Ca with her daughter. I see so many opportunities here. I have no money, and a B credit rating. I’m going to the tax assesors office today to try and find out what it actually appraises for. Maybe I could find some hard money lenders. Yesterday she called and said maybe her daughter can carry some of the financing and that maybe she can put me in touch with her. She said she just finished making the insurance payments and that she can’t really afford them. (I think she’s motivated). Any ideas on how I should approach this? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Free and clear. there is a deal in here some where. Thanks in Advance.