Could/would you Help?.... - Posted by AL Lady

Posted by Joe on April 17, 2006 at 12:59:22:

My advice? Don’t waste your time with email addresses. Have you checked your inbox lately? Do you see how much spam is in there? You’ll be swimming with the male enhancement and weight loss pill advertisements. Instead, contact these FSBOs directly. You know it’s an FSBO, so you know where the house is … send them a letter or stop by and talk to them. If they’ve move out of the area already, try to find their new address and contact them that way.

Once you’ve got your business going and you’re covering all other areas of marketing and you want to expand that last 1% of marketing, then you might try email. Otherwise, I don’t think it’ll be a reliable method.

Could/would you Help?.. - Posted by AL Lady

Posted by AL Lady on April 16, 2006 at 22:29:11:

First…Happy Easter to one and ALL!!!

Now, for my needing HLEP? I have been out of work several months. Finally, came up with a ‘brain storm’ HA. Seriousy, I feel that I have a good idea to help promote my RE Investing but …of course, limited funds. NO I am not asking for a LOAN or DONATION!! I do need some INFORMATION> I have searched on-line for hours & hours attempting to get the info. Everything …cost money, the sites I’ve checked all want you to become a member before you can get pertient info like the ‘email addresses’ or even the phone numbers of FSBO’s! My 1st priority would be the ‘email addresses’ of the FSBO Sellers.

DO any of you have any ideas or suggestions as to how I may obtain their email addresses? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all…and of course…Happy INVESTING!!!
AL Lady