Course recommendations for specific situation - Posted by Barbara Beaumont

Posted by Barbara Beaumont on April 04, 1999 at 22:52:33:

I want to find buyers with problems getting
financing–solve the problem–find them a
home–get a contract on the home with the
right to assign–assign it and make a profit.
The questions I have are: Can I do this with
a contract or do I have to do lease
option–can I help somehow with their
downpayment?–will the amount I sell the house
for be the contract amount and I will just
receive an assignment fee or is the assignment
fee counted in the purchase price? Can I hold
a second mortgage that would count as part of
the downpayment etc… I want to purchase
anyones courses that will answer these types of
questions…or do I not have the right
questions? HELP!!! Any advice would be