CRE Convention question - Posted by Jeff

Posted by phil fernandez on January 22, 2001 at 10:11:19:

Hi Jeff,

Excellent post. To spend your money on the CREOnline convention or to spend the money on a couple of courses.

If I were in your shoes as a beginner, I’d go to the convention. Buying a course at this point would give you knowledge on one way to make money. By going to the convention you will learn many ways to make money and be able to decide at that point what direction you would want to pursue. You can always buy the courses at a later time. And they usually give discounts on the courses at the convention.

The second reason I would choose the convention is because you are going to be able to network and talk to both seasoned veterns and new folks like yourself. You can ask questions faceto face with both.

Although there may be some ideas and techniques that you will not initially understand as a beginner, there is a lot of material that will easily learned by you. This will be material and ideas that you will be able to put into immediate action as soon as you come home from the convention.

There will be alot of great information for both old and new investors at the convention. I’ve been to the last two. Hope to see you there. And do keep in mind even old investors don’t know everything, as we are still learning also.

CRE Convention question - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on January 22, 2001 at 08:40:17:

Hello to all,

I am new to real estate and have a little money set aside to purchase some material that I can learn from before I become active. However, I just read about the convention and that also has my interest. Here is my question(s): How beneficial would the convention be versus buying a course here on line? If I choose to go to the convention, do I get any materials from those who are teaching? And lastly, since I am new, would the convention be too advanced for me or is it also appropriate for a novice investor?

Many of my questions I have received answers from by reading posts and articles featured on this site. But I would really appreciate it if I could get a little insight on this subject.

All posts are appreciated, unless you call me bad names!


Re: CRE Convention question - Posted by Paul_MA

Posted by Paul_MA on January 22, 2001 at 18:09:16:


If you choose to go to the convention, you will agree the speakers are geared toward the newcomer. For the experienced investor, it is a continuation of learning.

Re: CRE Convention question - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on January 22, 2001 at 16:02:46:

I agree with Phil…I’d go to the convention. Aside from numerous speakers you’ll have the opportunity to meet many other investors…last year I believe there were close to 500 in attendance.

But before I got there what I would do is do a little reading. I’d read “5 Magic Paths to Making a Fortune in Real Estate” by James Lumley. I’d also pick up “Fast Cash with Quick Turn Real Estate” by Ron Legrand. My guess is you can get both of these books from or Barnes and Noble. Cost is probably $15-$20 per book. They’ll give you a good overview of some of the possible avenues in this business. That way you’ll be somewhat familiar with some of the lingo when you get to the convention.

You’ll be able to make a deal on courses at the convention if you choose…and you’ll be better informed about which course(s) you might like to buy.