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NEW Blog Articles

“More Motivated Sellers: The Housing Code Violators”

 Code violations on a house can be a great resource
 for finding motivated sellers. You can track down
 the owners and make them a low-ball offer to buy
 the house.

“6 Easy Steps for Tapping into the Vacant House Goldmine”

 Many investors start out by "driving for dollars,"
 writing down the address of an ugly or vacant
 house and sending letters and postcards to the
 owners. Blog Author, Doug Smith should know--he
 was one of them!

“How to Find a Contractor Who Can Deliver”

 It's difficult to find a contractor who is fast,
 does quality work, and has excellent pricing. The
 good news is that in today's economy it is
 possible to find them. Find out how to find a good
 contractor for your rehabs.

Visitor Success Story

“Doubled My Money in Two Years”

 Problem-solver, Tyler Bobo found a nice mobile
 home cheap enough that he could buy it with all
 cash. He turned around and sold it to a young
 couple on monthly payments they could afford. They
 paid it off in two years, and Tyler doubled his

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