Creating A Mortgage - Posted by Zane

Posted by Jon Richards on January 17, 2001 at 22:32:41:


Nice going, finding a good deal in real estate. Sounds like whatever you do you will profit.

You can sell the property, take back a note, and then sell the note. Buyers of the note are listed at

We do this all the time. If you are in San Francisco, don’t read the rest of this paragraph! We have a web site we advertise to FSBOs and Realtors that explains the process. It is at We also sell software at that works the process of creasting a seller carry back note and then selling it at the closing. The may sell it on thie wite as well. It’s called “Working With Realtors” software and is $129

Read up on the process and then call me at 415 824 1864. (The phone is the beige thing next to your computer :wink: We are on CA time

Jon Richards
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Creating A Mortgage - Posted by Zane

Posted by Zane on January 15, 2001 at 21:53:35:

Hi Everyone,

I am a New York newbie who has finally talked himself into 2 good real estate deals. The challenge is that my Buyers either have income or credit challenges. I want to help them by creating notes to finance purchases.
1 buyer, for instance, only has $5,000 for a downpayment, modest income and decent credit. We took a deposit to get them into a $180,000 dollar home. I want to quickly create a salable note to finance their purchase. I understand the theory of creating notes but not how to apply it to less than ideal situations. I want to use this method or Lease options for ALL of my transactions. I am willing to pay a consultant’s fee for quality information. What route do you suggest I take.

Re: Creating A Mortgage - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on January 18, 2001 at 19:38:22:

Hello Zane,

Couple of important things to remember… note buyers (lenders too for that matter) are investors as well as the CREI… and in the end, they are the folks who are shouldering the lion’s share of the risk - when all is said and done, it’s their money on the table, right? Especially if you’ve got your’s tucked back neatly in your own jeans :wink:

So, one excellent guideline when creating notes is to stop for a minute and simply ask yourself, “Hey, if I had the dough, would I buy this note?” That can often bring some real clarity to your thinking when writing the buggers!

Personally, if I was holding paper on a $180,000 home, I would want to see that buyer with at least $9,000 in the deal, plus closing, at a minimum. Just to rent a home in that range would likely take $3,000 to move in I would think. And I do like lease-options and CFD’s if a guy is getting too skinny on the down.

As to selling the notes to pull cash out of the deal, some discussion below might be useful for you,

And selling marketable notes is a fairly easy process. ANN’s nationwide FREE Note Listing Service has facilitated over $800 million in cash flow transactions during the past six years, at:

Hope that helps, and best of luck on your deals!!

David P. Butler