David Alexander's "Subject-to" course - Posted by Mike DFW

Posted by Jim FL on April 22, 2002 at 17:13:40:

I too have read and studied the materials you mentioned, as well as Davids course material.
Sure, in my opinion, one can NEVER have too many educational materials.
Each author offers their own take on things, and their own approach.
I personally like David’s approach, as it is very much like my own.
He talks about what he does, and it is almost like having a conversation with him face to face.
In my opinion, David is more of a philosophy teacher type than the hype it up get rich with creative real estate type.
Heck, the price alone makes his materials worth it.
Think about it, should you spend a couple hundred bucks on some course material from anyone, David included, and you learn ONE THING that helps you make PROFIT greater than the expense of the course, was it worth it?
Of course!

Hence the reason I personally own several courses and books on REI.
And I always buy more all the time.
Sure, some of them repeat the same info, but it comes from different authors who most times offer a different approach, or some kernel of knowledge.

My vote is for you to go ahead and get his course.
Besides, the author is accessible online to answer questions as well.

Good luck,
Jim FL

David Alexander’s “Subject-to” course - Posted by Mike DFW

Posted by Mike DFW on April 22, 2002 at 15:30:20:

I’m a ‘newbie’ who has studied mostly LeGrand’s and Bronchick’s courses: Fast Cash, MOS, Pretty House, Selling Houses Fast, Guerilla Marketing, Alternative RE Financing, ABC’s of Asset Protection, Land Trust, etc.

I’m interested mostly in the ‘Pretty House’ business, and I’m considering buying David Alexander’s “Subject to” course.

Would this be a good course for someone interested in Pretty Houses that already has LeGrand’s Pretty House manual and audio set? Would it supplement LeGrand? or is it similar? different?

Please help. Thanks for your input.

Re: David Alexander’s - Posted by Peter Rzepka Vegas

Posted by Peter Rzepka Vegas on April 22, 2002 at 18:23:51:

While I am a desciple of Randy ,Charlie & Bob , I would be interested in knowing the David Alexander version . Could you forward any information about this material . Thanks in advance.