Demolition Lists - Posted by Sonya

Posted by Sonya on March 16, 1999 at 22:13:33:

This is a list of properties that have been condemned by the city (Iam in Georgia by the way) and are considered unsafe for human habitation. It is published in a newspaper here for public notice and the homeowners then have a chance to come out to a hearing and tell what they plan to do about the property. If they don’t attend this hearing and no one else comes forward the property will be demolished. I got the list through a new friend of mine who works at the county deed office in metro atlanta and he said that he had been holding on to it for a while actually a few months because he did not know what to do with it. I then informed him that he could rehab some of the properties or tie them up and flip them to someone else. He then gave me the list and asked me to help him out since he was getting started in investing to. He put me in touch with a guy who works at the city inspection office who is incharge of inspecting these properties and demolishing them. He told me that he has many houses that he inspects daily and that he could get me a full listing and he even told me that he had good phone numbers for most of the properties so that I could contact the homeowner. I think there is a list available to the public just call your county or city inspection office and see if they have a listing of properties that are slated for demolition and someone should be able to help you. I guess you could say I am getting inside information also because the public only gets the list of properties but since I know the guy in charge I am able to get more information like good phone numbers for the property owners. I would say that once you find out which office has this list try to find out who the head honcho is and maybe you can get him to give you a listing before it goes public or at least tell him what you are looking for and maybe he will look out for you. Hope this helps…

Demolition Lists - Posted by Sonya

Posted by Sonya on March 13, 1999 at 15:44:19:

I have found a guy who works with the Demolition Division in my city. He gets a list of all the houses in the city that are slated to be demolished if the owners don’t appear at a hearing to state what they plan to do with the property. He has offered me this list and says that some of the houses are good rehab houses and some are not fit for occupancy. He is also a part-time investor but he cannot purchase any of the houses because it would interfere with his job. I am just getting started and thought that flipping would be the easiest way to go. He asked me if I had some properties for sale and I told him not at this time. He is interested in fire damaged properties. My question is… Are these the houses that would be good candidates for the flipping method. I know the houses that would be good rehabbers are but I am talking about the ones where this guy would just demolish and let some one start from scratch on the property. Sorry for the long post. Thank you in advance for your insight…

P.S. This guy also told me he has access to the homeowners phone numbers on alot of the properties. And he could keep me updated as the list changes.

Re: Demolition Lists - Posted by Brian R

Posted by Brian R on March 16, 1999 at 14:52:31:

What is this Demolition List? Is there an official dept. at your city/county that takes care of this? Is this something that is available to the public, or are you getting inside information?

I’m interested because I’d like to find something similar in my area (Los Angeles).

Re: Go For IT!! - Posted by Jackie in dallas

Posted by Jackie in dallas on March 13, 1999 at 20:06:52:

You’ll be surprised to find that many of these houses really don’t need too much work! You can find some GREAT deals to flip.

The city will also provide you with a list of what must be done to the property to bring it up to code.

Make sure you note in the contract both from the seller and to your buyer that the house has been condemned by the city and it must be brought up to city code and inspected to get a certificate of occupancy. You might even make the list of required items an addendum to the contract. CYA CYA CYA