Desperate!!! - Posted by D

Posted by Mr. C on July 22, 2003 at 01:00:26:

It’s not a mobile home… it’s a “park model”.

A “park model” is best defined as a “mobile home like” structure of less than 40 feet in length, and is generally designed to be used as senior-citizen housing.

The older models resemble travel trailers, while the newer versions have pitched roofs and look like down-sized manufactured homes.

The fact that you didn’t understand this differance (and thus the market for it) is what has lead to your current situtation.

I’ll make a leap of logic and assume that it’s in a 55+ park at this point… if this assumption is correct, then your target buyer is limited to the 55+ age group and these folks will typically want to pay in cash.

If it’s not in a 55+ park, then your target market is a single person seeking cheap housing. Moving it will likely serve no useful purpose either way.

The 55+ market is rather seasonal in Arizona… the Phoenix and Yuma area’s especially so, due to the “snowbirds” that come and go with the weather changes.

This age group creates a niche aspect of the mobile home business, but a lucurative one if you know how to work it properly.

Chalk this one up to jumping in before you knew what you were doing.

Desperate!!! - Posted by D

Posted by D on July 21, 2003 at 21:15:33:

I have a mobile home here in Apache Junction, AZ that I have had since October. I CANNOT SELL THE THING! I have read DOW a NUMBER of times now- but not one bite. I have placed NUMEROUS ads, flyers, the WORKS! I just want to sell it for the cost I have into it (now about 6k). Its a 10x35 Park Model, 1Bd/1ba in a NICE park. Moving it would cost me another 4k, and I dont want to sink more money into the thing just to TRY to sell it. My lot rent is due this October- another $2400. I can’t even get the thing to rent. Can someone give some pointers as to how to just get my money out of the thing? It’s in GREAT condition now…
Thanks SOO MUCH!!!

Re: Desperate!!! - Posted by Robin (AZ)

Posted by Robin (AZ) on July 24, 2003 at 17:39:43:

My dad “winters” in AJ-- they have a big old RV that they travel in.

Ask the park office for a list of last year’s tenants-- write them and see if any are interested in your park model. Go through THAT park and any nearby parks with flyers WITH A PICTURE and put the fliers on all of the older homes, where yours would be a step up. Offer financing, of course. If you end up paying the $2400, build it into the sales price and offer to let them pay it over time… might make a difference for a cash-strapped buyer if they dont have to pay this year’s lot rent.

It will be unlikely that you would move anything in the summer in a 55+ park in AJ… but get the word out now, then do it again once the snowbirds arrive.

Make sure it is clean and painted nicely, no big problems, well-manicured on the outside.

Good luck,

Robin (AZ)

Re: Desperate!!! - Posted by Ron_KS

Posted by Ron_KS on July 22, 2003 at 17:32:36:

A 10 X 35??? D, I can’t offer you any advise other than what is in DOW and I believe Lonnie says don’t mess with anything under 12 wide and perfer 14 wides.

I know if I owned it here I would not be able to move it, I doubt that I could rent anything that small.

Like I said, I really can’t give any advice on one that small, maybe someone else can. Good luck