Digging out of a Huge Hole? - Posted by Mark Frith

Posted by David Boggs on July 07, 2007 at 20:27:08:

Hey Mark, i have just gotten started with a gentelman named Jim Fleck. He is teaching us how to do Pre-Foreclosures & Short Sales.
So far i have learned so much in a short time that i am ready to start doing the deals after only 1 month.
contact Jim Fleck - - at - support@thefmclub.com
i dont know if this is for you, but im going to do it with all my heart. . .
hope this helps, i dont even care if you mention my name or not, i just want to help you out, take care, I hope you prosper beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Digging out of a Huge Hole? - Posted by Mark Frith

Posted by Mark Frith on July 05, 2007 at 07:28:33:

Any positive advice on how to dig out of a huge financial hole? A partner and I began investing about 4 years ago, but ended up losing about $200K. Main issue: invested with the intent of building up Sec 8 rentals in the Kansas City are. we grew too big too fast…then could stop the bleeding when I went through 3 professional management companies. I have about 8 houses left that are in serious financial trouble.

Any advice on how to turn this around. Love to get back that $200K which is owed to a family member. Need to start somewhere.