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Posted by John J. on April 12, 1999 at 24:15:32:

Brian and Therese,
If you sign up only consider the value of the training. Don’t sign up with the idea of making money from selling notes to them. If they do then that will be additional benefits.

I don’t know if they run the same scheme as Nationwide. Nationwide delivers a 300 page booklet for $500 and a promise to partner with you in buying properties - which apparently they never do. Some recent posts claim vaguely to have had some properties accepted by Nationwide, but it is my belief that they were posted by Nationwide management/employees under various aliases.

Any reputable company will give you references in your home town or state. Ask Diversified for some. Nationwide would not give me a single one when I was interested in their program last year and called them.

The following was recently posted on another message board. You might find it useful in making a decision about Diversified Resources.

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97 Nationwide Real-Estate Discounters $510
Starts with a nice mail piece from a Stuart Anderson. I called, and it sounded, and read, like I was going to be a locator of distressed real estate, turn it over to them, they would buy it, repair it, and split the profits with me. Their “procedures manual” would cost me $495 (+ $15 shipping) via credit card, but I would get the $495 back as soon as I gave them my first property. Sounded simple. I got the book: a binder, one sided printing, 9 sections plus a glossary, and material I could get from Crown Books for a fraction of the cost. Except for section 8! This laid the ground rules for submitting a property to NRD. Not only did I have to get the price set to their specifications (with a willing seller), I have to get the construction estimates, fill out tons of paperwork, and actually be the buyer of the property myself. None of this is spelled out in the sales brochure, not detailed by them at the first call. So, when I called again and asked for my personal “advisor” from the first call, I got another person “Brandan is busy. I’ll help you.” Then we talked and I heard the miracle words: “Yes, you have to do all the work, but we didn’t say in the brochure that you wouldn’t have to do all the work either.” The book was delivered by UPS, so that leaves out mail fraud! Chalk it up to a $510 (plus phone calls as they don’t have an 800 number) lesson!

Diversified Resources? - Posted by BrianTherese

Posted by BrianTherese on April 11, 1999 at 13:15:41:

Hi, All

My fiance and I are about to begin the Bronchick lease option course, and are very excited about the possibilities. We also have been looking around at some other courses, and one in particular that sounded promising was the Note course offered by Diversified Resources. In addition to the courses, they also state that they are actually a company that buys notes.

The way it works is you fax them all the pertinents of a deal, and they get back to you with a quote on how much they are willing to pay for a note. Your profit comes from the spread.

Has anyone on the board ever worked with Diversified? Are they a lot like Nationwide, who seems to have such impossible standards for deals they will fund? What is to stop Diversified from simply purchasing the note themselves once I fax them the info, thereby cutting me out of the deal entirely?

They (Diversified) offer all sorts of money-back guarantees, so it seems legit from that end. Anyway, any feedback would be much appreciated.


Brian & Therese

P.S. Here’s their web site, if anyone was interested.

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Posted by Craig_NOLA on April 12, 1999 at 24:26:59:

Brian & Therese,

Although I haven’t perused their course or worked with them personally, I did receive some marketing materials from them once and was less than impressed. If you’re looking for good educational information on discounted notes, I suggest you purchase John Behle’s 5-day video training course from this site. John’s information on notes is the best out there-- period. If the course were priced at 10x what it is now, it would be worth every penny. (BTW, Terry Vaughn’s material is excellent as well.)

And as far as Diversified being willing to purchase notes, that is really no big deal. Believe me, there is no shortage of note buyers out there.

Bottom line…when you have a chance to learn from the masters, why go anywhere else?