Does ANYBODY invest in MH's in NJ?????????????? - Posted by robert dalrymple

Posted by Nathan on July 18, 2005 at 15:46:45:

Hi Robert, no one is avoiding you. From what I have read is that NJ is a tough market and you may be better off in PA. That is only an opinion after reading other posts from investers or newbies from NJ. You are right about the prices of sfh and mh’s will sorta follow behind. If you are looking for typical Lonnie deals in NJ good luck. From what I have heard a 1974 14X70 will go for $ 25,000 or higher and lot rent is 500 to 800 a month, NASTY. But, remember, the PM is your friend. Make nice with the PM and give them a card and tell them that you are willing to help them out. Do not let me discourage you, it can be done just about anywhere but the numbers may be different. In MO that same mh I could pick up for 2 grand and sell on time for 6 grand or more. If you bought 1 for 20,000 and sold it on time for 45 you would make 25 on the deal, I would have to do 6 deals to make that much. It may not be a typical Lonnie deal but it is a deal just the same. And yes I have heard that the PA deals are a lot softer and the lot rents are cheaper. Give it a looksee. I wouldnt give up in my own backyard either, like others I have been given a mh before and all the expence I had was moving it and sold it. To start with put an ad in the paper, “WANTED TO BUY, USED MOBILE HOME” notice no S on home. Make it look like you want to buy 1 for yourself to start with. be sure and get that buyers list too, very important. When the calls start coming in make an appointment to go look, that doesnt mean that you are even ready to buy but it will get you off the couch(sorry Steve)(:>)(Iknow that is gonna cost me a cold 1) but it will get you familiar with your market and a better informed invester. Now get busy and then come back and leave another post. Nathan

Does ANYBODY invest in MH’s in NJ??? - Posted by robert dalrymple

Posted by robert dalrymple on July 18, 2005 at 10:12:59:

hello anyone.
i was wondering if anybody, i mean anybody invests in mh in nj. i recently purchased the combo DOW’s&MMw/MH’s
and i’m very excited about getting right to it. i’m currently looking around NW Jersey. is there anyone out there that might be willing to assist a fellow speed bump rider? are my efforts better served looking in Pa.? it seems that the price of regular SFH’s has shot through the roof up here, what about MH’s? any advice would be appreciated.


Re: Does ANYBODY invest in MH’s in NJ? - Posted by Gary

Posted by Gary on July 19, 2005 at 22:51:02:

I have a nephew that claims there aren’t even any parks in NJ but I know that isn’t true. Ft. Dix area has some. He says mobiles are completely zoned out of NJ. I don’t know. What I do know is I would be looking at doing land-home deals as I know SFH’s have sky rocketed since 9-11. Also look into tax lien certificates as I’ve been told NJ pays 18% interest every 6 months, that’s over 36% per year. You might even now and then get a deed to do a land-home on. I’m 600 miles west so I’m not an expert and only lived there a year while in Army in 1967-1968 but I thought it was the land of laws and taxes then already.