Don't become emotionally affected by the outcome - Posted by Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az)

Posted by Eloise (NY) on November 26, 2000 at 18:37:59:

As a newbie who hasn’t close her first deal yet, that was very encouraging to me. Thanks

Don’t become emotionally affected by the outcome - Posted by Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az)

Posted by Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az) on November 25, 2000 at 21:45:11:

This post is to try and encourage any one of the many “Newbies” just getting started in Real Estate Investing, or some of the ones that have not yet been able to land that first one just yet.

Let me tell you, hang in there!. I was just talking to a fellow today who is still seeking his first deal and he asks me “Will this really work here”? He said he was asking this because he has had many situations where the seller was very interested in what he had to offer only to have them change their minds after they had some time to think it over. He sounded like he was giving up. DON"T DO THAT!. Keep at it! Time will bring that first one your way and after that it just gets easier. You’ll soon realize what to ask and what to tell sellers when you meet with them. You’ll learn how to structure deals that benefit both you and the seller. You mature with time in this business and you will blossum like a flower in spring! Some flowers bloom sooner than others, and just because you don’t make that first deal as quickly as someone else has, don’t mean your a failure. You’re just a late bloomer, hang in there!

I can remember back only 6 or 7 months ago when I was still trying to land my first deal. I was disappointed more than my share and got somewhat discouraged myself. I guess it is a natural feeling to feel that way even though they tell us not to let it affect us emotionally, but let me tell you…Once you get that first one accepted and closed, you’ll get that sense of feeling like no other. You’ll know in your heart that you can do it, because now it will be a reality. You’re living proof of that!.

From that point on you’ll find deals and you’ll lose some of them too. SO WHAT! It will no longer affect you like it did in your early days, because you’ll have become the Investor you always wanted to be.

Just in the last 6 weeks I had 1 offer presented that the seller was very interested in and then decided to try something else, and within 2 days another one called and accepted my offer instantly! So you see good things will happen if you’ll just be patient and believe in what you are pursuing!

Keep reaching for the stars!

Jim LaVerdi (Phx_Az)

Re: Great Words Of Encouragement, Jim, Here’s More - Posted by Michael

Posted by Michael on November 26, 2000 at 01:20:58:

I think ATTITUDE gets you everywhere. Be positive.

I graduated from a two year junior college with an AAS degree in Drafting and Design. I and my current business partner completed the course in six quarters. A year after I graduated, I went by the school for a visit and a student who started the program back when I did, was still there. The student approached me with this question, “Do you think we’re ready to go to work with the education we get here?” I responded, “If you have to ask yourself that question you’re probably, not.” I thought about it later and thought maybe my answer was a little harsh, but here is my thinking. Just one year out of school I was making $32,000 per year at 23 years old, the student who asked me the question, 35 years old.

Here is what I believe. You pick out something you want to do, and go do it. I decided to get a degree and I got it, but you have got to want it. I wanted to get into Real Estate investing, I bought the William McCorkle package, bought a foreclosure at auction and a preforeclosure. I decided to Build a house and sell it to make money, that was December last year, I’ve built and sold two, working on a contract house, and about to break ground on two more houses for sure. I left that good paying job with great benefits in May.

My fiance wanted to be a Realtor, I sent her to school. She is now my wife and a Realtor. I have access to tax records, comps and listings and she’s doing what she wanted to do.

If you want to invest in Real Estate the only thing stopping you is you. If you don’t know how, order a course and learn how. My course told me to search the legal notices in the newspaper, to look for forclosures with older origination dates on the mortgage, and contact the distressed owners, I did and it paid off. Yes, I’ve had people say no, expect it, consider it practice, and go look for a yes.


If a person has a dream…pursue it!! - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on November 27, 2000 at 11:37:00:

Good post, Michael!

Success doesn’t always happen over night. We have to (patiently) learn to wittle away at the ‘obstacles’ in our path…before we achieve the ‘means’ to the end!