doublewides to relocate - Posted by William Maher

Posted by William Maher on April 29, 2007 at 19:11:10:

Hi, My name is Bill I am in a predicament that no one has been able to help
me with so far, and I was recommended to this site for help. I have been
renting space on private property in Santa Fe, NM for about 8 years. I have 2
doublewides side by side on this land. We need to leave NM and have been
trying to sell the 2 homes for about a year. The land situation has changed on
us and the land owners plans have changed several times this past year. The
land is now for sale at 100K/acre. Each home is on 2.5 acres and almost half
of that is in an arroyo or wash/flood plain, for mountain runoff and is very
unusable expensive land. The land owner is selling his land from under us
and we are compelled to relocate 1 or possibly both homes. I carry a
mortgage on both and I owe more than the NADA books say they are worth. I
can not sell them for what I owe and my loan is not assumable so I am stuck
with 2 (very nice) homes that I need to unload. I am searching for a piece of
property or two to relocate them to inorder to rent/rent to own/ or sell
outright if I can. Selling is the preferred choice of course. I plan to relocate
the homes in or around the Albuquerque area, as Santa Fe is outrageous as
far as prices go. Is there any suggestions as to what to do if you were me?
The homes are beautiful but they are mobilehomes! I have talked to a lot of
people that sure agree with me that I am in a fix, and wish me good luck, but
can not really help me. I need to relocate out of state and that will create
difficulties with leaving 2 homes behind. I am thinking of getting a property
manager to tend to them here after we leave. I know the market is full of
homes right now and it does not seem like a good time to sell. I have looked
into prices to transport across the country but that seems way to high and
unreasonable for me as far as cost. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.