Due Diligence MHP - Posted by Don Wilson (OK)

Posted by John on March 14, 2006 at 08:07:45:

You could ask the city to run a camera through the sewer line. Roto Rooter and other services offer a leak check. I usually ask for 3 years of plumbing bills. Plumbing will usually not make or break a park unless there is a health issue.

Due Diligence MHP - Posted by Don Wilson (OK)

Posted by Don Wilson (OK) on March 13, 2006 at 21:04:09:

Hey all:

I am getting closer to closing on the 30 space MHP that I have under contract but need some direction on infastructure. Specifically water/sewer lines, the park is 40 years old and is on city water/sewer. I don’t see anything visually, is there a line pressure check or something that I could do to ensure that there are no leaks or breaks? Thanks folks.


Re: Due Diligence MHP - Posted by Keith (OH)

Posted by Keith (OH) on March 14, 2006 at 18:10:04:


Get on the phone.
I would contact the local Health Department (or whomever enforces MHP codes in your county), the County Inspector, the city billing office, previous owners, current plumbers the Seller has used and any long-term tenants (with sellers permission) about the age and upgrading of the water system. Some where in all those places you should be able to get an idea when the last time it was updated.

I requested all the water usage for as long as the city would allow and receveived usage for the last 5 years. I took that info and plotted the usage on a graph in Excel and the time of minor and major leaks shot off the graph like a rocket, easily visible. If you spot a major leak ask the seller who they used to fix it. Then call them. Chances are they had to dig to a broken main and can tell you if the supply lines are copper or galvanized. And can usually tell you other “secrets” about the system.

Using an “average” usage you can’t get a pretty good idea what the usage should be against what it actually is. If it is way out of line then I would investigate further until I could find the answers to the overage.

That’s what you can do for free, but it takes a little time.

If you want to spend the dough then I would have the system inspected with a plumber specializing in underground plumbing lines. They’ve got all the cool techno gadgets to help you out.

Good Luck,

Re: Due Diligence MHP - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on March 14, 2006 at 08:13:10:

For the sewer lines you might try calling Roto Rooter or a similar company. Most of the major chains have a sewer cam, which would allow you to see the inside of your pipes. I don’t know what they would charge, but there is nothing like seeing the inside of the pipe to tell condition. It will show any obstructions, breaks, constricted pipe, etc. If you have standing water anywhere it indicates the pipe doesn’t fall properly. You could also get a plumber to use blow up test balls to block all entrances/exits to the pipe & do a pressure test. This would only identify leaks & would probably cost a lot more.

Re: Due Diligence MHP - Posted by Eddie-Mi

Posted by Eddie-Mi on March 13, 2006 at 22:27:14:

Check the water bill for the past 2 years. Water useage is the best way to find out about infrastructure. Some old lines work fine and some don’t. If the lines are old with a high water bill- I would factor there replacement cost in the deal.