Ed, any advice/opinions? - Posted by heart876

Posted by Ed Garcia on August 08, 2003 at 11:09:13:


You don?t tell us what state you?re in or give us the particulars on you or the deal.

You just tell us how you feel that your broker has dropped the ball although you don?t even gives us any dialog of the particulars between you and the broker.

If you like you can call me at (909)944-0199 and give me the scoop and we can go from there.

Ed Garcia

Ed, any advice/opinions? - Posted by heart876

Posted by heart876 on August 07, 2003 at 14:13:27:

Hi Ed,

I’ve been trying to refinance my triplex since Jan 03. and till this day its still not done. I feel that the mortgage company (broker) is waisting my time. This was supposed to be done in April, then in May and so on and so on…Could I possible take this to court and win? I know that I might need to give you more info and am willing to do that but I would rather not do it via this forum. I really need advice as I feel I’ve lost potential not to mention time and effort.