Ed Garcia - Posted by Jim (Alaska)

Posted by Ed Garcia on March 06, 2000 at 22:43:36:


Thanks for showing concern. To tell you the truth, I was just thinking
the same thing, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

But no, I do my own thing. I help these people personally. I don’t pawn
my work off on anyone else.

Ed, thank you for the kind words, it’s posts like yours that make it all
worth while.

Thank you,

Ed Garcia

Ed Garcia - Posted by Jim (Alaska)

Posted by Jim (Alaska) on March 06, 2000 at 14:16:12:

Mr. Garcia, I sent you an email last week and followed up with one this morning.I have had no confirmation. Wondering if your email address is correct, since they did not come back.


Re: Ed Garcia - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on March 06, 2000 at 17:26:05:


Don’t pay the ransom, don’t pay the ransom, I got away??

Just kidding Jim. I’m in my office now, if you would like to call,
the number is (909) 944-0199. I have your deal in my had and
I’m ready to talk.

Ed Garcia

Ed Garcia. Do you really have a job? - Posted by Ed SWVA

Posted by Ed SWVA on March 06, 2000 at 17:57:57:

I have seen you offer your help along with your number to just about anyone that needs it. I have even seen your recent post where you gave someone your home number just to offer your help. How do you find time to make any money? I know you have others working with/for you, but are they so good at this that they don’t need you?

Whoops, Never mind. If they have you as their teacher, I think I just answered that.

I just wanted to say it’s people like you and the countless others that offer their full support and never ending knowledge that makes this such a wonderful place.

I know, I have one of them people working with me now that I met thru CREO. And their is no way that I would be in the middle of this without them. I have dreamed about living my dream (REI) for 15 years now but never done anything about it. Never had the guts. But when we “newbies” have people like the ones on this site to hold our hands, our dreams become reality.

I just hope one day I can get the same feeling you guy’s (and gal’s) get from helping others like me.

I don’t know how ya’ll do it, but it just wouldn’t be the same without ya’s

Thanks again,